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  1. Yeah I'm worried about week 15, I'm waffling between him and freeman. Game script really worries me with Mack and I could easily see this be a Hines game.
  2. I just picked him up for this same reason. I got lucky that he was available due to shallow benches.
  3. SF D is banged up. I'm probably rolling him out there.
  4. I have to start him, if I had a better option I wouldn't. BB will focus on stopping him and make the passing game beat them. Standard procedure for the pats is to focus on shutting down the opposing teams best weapon, which is clearly Mixon.
  5. I'm think Snell or Penney, leaning Snell with a cupcake matchup.
  6. Definitely Ryan here. Getting his weapons back and Carolina's D hasn't been that great lately.
  7. I'd go with Fitzmagic. The Jets secondary is banged up, their pass rushers are banged up and Mia has no run game to speak of. Swing for the fences.
  8. I'm going Snell and Washington here. TB D is stingy vs the run and Mack is just coming back. ARI D is stingy against nothing.
  9. I think you have to roll with Henry. The rams have too many weapons in the passing game.
  10. I'm going with Gesicki, I'm starting him this week. That Jets secondary is banged up and he's the #2 target behind Parker.
  11. Great start to round 1 of the playoffs last night with 36.6 points from A-Rob + Cooper, but I still have a big question at QB. Do I stick with the guy that got me here against a tough Baltimore D or go with Wentz getting a cupcake matchup against the NYG at home?
  12. Whelp with BMW out this week I have to roll out Dionte. This should be interesting.