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  1. Looking for an experienced owner to take over 4 teams in Fantrax League. It would be preferred that the owner also take over the duties of the commissioner as our current commissioner is stepping down at the end of the baseball season. The league rans a pretty basic setup and scoring with the only oddity being in Football where we use the IDP of the rostered and active D/SP. Also, whatever position you draft in you will draft in the same position for the whole draft. For example, if you draft 5th in the first round you will draft 5th for the whole draft. GroupMe is our official communication. Listed below will be the rules/scoring for each league plus the link for each team. Our MLB draft is the March 14th at 7pm eastern. You need to select ten keepers by March 7th at 5pm. Keepers/Draft Positions: 10 Keepers/Drafting 7th Team Link:;teamId=wklvwe1tk1eyw6sk Team Rules/Scoring: NBA Keepers/Draft Positions: 3 Keepers/ Ranked 10th out of 12 teams Team Link:;teamId=w95gyijfjvwkgdyz Team Rules/Scoring: NHL Keepers/Draft Positions: 6 Keepers/Ranked 8th out of 12 teams Team Link:;teamId=qe94sigajvwkf85y Team Rules/Scoring: NFL: Keepers/Draft Positions: 5 Keepers/Drafting 1st Team Link:;teamId=c8lz2skek6adt3qf Team Rules/Scoring:
  2. if still looking for an active owner
  3. Interested in the last team if still open.
  4. Looking for active owners to take over as a team. We are currently switching from ESPN to Fantrax. Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball have been switched. Football is still on ESPN and will be switched in the off season. Please keep team names the same for all 4 sports. For football we use IDP, but they must be from the D/ST that you are starting. If you start an IDP not from your starting D/ST, you will lose those points. Baseball team finished 3rd and will be drafting 10th, Hockey team is currently in 11th place, Football team is currently is 12th place. Rosters for each team can be found below as well as the settings. Please either comment with your email or you can direct message me with the same details. Below are the links for the three teams we need to fill. Team – Mighty Ducks/Orygun Ducks NFL Team Info - NFL League Settings - MLB Team Info (ESPN) - MLB Team Info (Fantrax) - MLB League Settings - NHL Team Info - NHL League Settings - NBA Team Info - NBA League Settings -
  5. Interested if you have an opening.