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  1. I have the same options for flex spot in 1pt PPR, I'm going with A-Rob.. it's hard to roll out Singletary vs. BAL
  2. Due to this whole DJ debacle, I've been put in a bad spot for over half of the season with my 2nd RB slot. Here are my options this week, would appreciate some help and willing to help in return: Bo Scarborough vs MIN Kenyan Drake vs PIT DJ vs PIT RoJo vs IND Possible waiver options: Laird vs NYJ Barber vs IND Samuels vs ARI EDIT: Scoring is standard (no PPR)
  3. One thing that irked me last game was once they got deep into the red zone, Bo was pulled from the game.. you would think a guy of his size is exactly who you would want in those situations
  4. This is correct, thanks for pointing this out. Snap count percentages on offense last night: Ridley - 94% Blake - 89% Gage - 68% Hardy - 28%
  5. [...] I feel like with the 3rd stringer QB they'll rely on the run game heavily so the volume should definitely be there, but if the game gets out of hand fast and they have to abandon the run this is going to be ugly
  6. Sitting for Darnold this week.. it's too risky in a must win game for me. Julio is not practicing up to this point in the week, could be active as only a decoy.. it's not looking good for the ATL offense
  7. he was also ice cold last night.. as far as i'm concerned this was his first sub-par game this year. he'll only get better as the season progresses and the minutes limit increases
  8. No reason to think he won't right now.. had the Q tag last week as well and was supposed to be limited but ended up playing 69% of snaps and got fed 10 targets. No reports of any setback so should be all systems go
  9. Not sure where you read that, but San Francisco gives up the 3rd fewest fantasy points to the RB position -- that might be different if they played against C-Mac every week, though
  10. Fully healthy I think the guy is matchup proof due to his ability to catch passes and the fact that they line him up in the slot.. so even if he's running into a brick wall (which he will be in this matchup), you can still count on 50+ rec yds and likely a TD With that being said, it's too hard to say if he's "fully healthy", so I'm not throwing him out there this week regardless of if they decide to make him active or not (unless I absolutely have to due to other injuries on my teams)
  11. He was running against one of the best defensive lines in the league, and still looked decent with the carries he got. The problem was that they switched to Singletary when they fell behind in the game to try and spark some offense on screens (which he did well on his TD) Frankie should do better this week against trash Washington, but it's a 50/50 split it's looking like with Singletary healthy
  12. Anyone feeling Ravens at home vs the Browns?
  13. 5 std pts from Tyrell to overcome Cam Newton being an absolute piece of trash