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  1. He’s put up decent points against good defenses. He’s no must start and he doesn’t have the upside of some of the others on waivers, but he’s unlikely to loose you a week. Pretty safe...agreed.
  2. Jones is a stash because he’s not catching passes at the moment. He does have the ability, but until he shows it on the field I wouldn’t start him.
  3. Ito Smith isn’t getting enough work to start. You’d be pretty much relying on TDs. Game flow is probably not going to favor Ito.
  4. True. But you don’t necessarily need to sell this week. I expect he has a week or two still in him. Maybe seed the market this week with offers (which they’ll reject) then come back with “I told you so” when he performs, and make another sell attempt.
  5. I’d sell Breida. I predict he’ll go down with injury when you need him most (the playoffs).
  6. The most likely scenario is Mack will be the Colts version of A. Jones... 2 guys that can escape a RBBC. I don’t anyone can sell high after 1 good game. Is it possible Mack becomes a RB2? Sure. But I think the Colts plan was a committee the whole time.
  7. I saw the video as PR to keep the trade discussion alive. I like the week 10 thesis.
  8. Tax advantaged status of new players (contracts) in Vegas?
  9. Previous rumors said Gruden is tanking to get a QB in the draft. The consensus is there’s only 1 QB worth drafting in the 1st round. The Raiders will race the Giants to the bottom. I have a hard time believing McCarron is better than Carr, but maybe it’s Carr on the trade block and not Cooper.
  10. The week 7 return didn’t make much sense... ”As of Sunday, the Steelers had heard nothing from Bell. The fact that the Steelers now believe Bell won’t show up implies that they have since heard something from Bell, and that the end result of the communication was that Bell won’t be showing up.”
  11. Appropriately said by Dilly Dilly, because it’s going to take a lot of Bud Lights before anyone thinks Cooper is a good football player.
  12. After tearing him down with the video... maybe I’m trying to prop him up. But, I wouldn’t want Cooper on my fantasy team or with my Broncos with the way he’s playing...
  13. My best guess is Cooper has ADD. His body is going through the routes but his mind is somewhere else. When the ball is thrown his way his mind snaps back, but it actually makes things worse. I think he’s one of those guys that would play better football stoned. Cooper either needs medication to keep focused the entire time, or drugs to keep his mind out of it and go with muscle memory. I think that’s why some games Cooper looks like a superstar and others a scrub...
  14. That was dumb... now they have a big $$$ incentive to see him gone. They’re going to have to give away a 3rd rounder just to get Cooper off their books.