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  1. I went RB-WR-WR-WR and I’ll continue to (plan to) do so in PPP. (DJ-Hopkins-Diggs-Hill) There’s a lot of opinions that WRs are easily available on waiver, so grab RBs early. What they don’t take into account is the high injury rate at RB. It’s better to get rock solid WRs, then figure something out at RB. With all the injuries at RB there’s always an opportunity. I’m not promoting NO RB. My keeper is usually a RB. If no keeper league, my first pick would usually be a RB (assuming there’s a RB stud available). I picked up Sony and Cohen on waivers from people that dropped them to soon. Sony’s usage is one of those benefiting from injuries... I’ll always be opportunistic. I also don’t worry as much about week to week wins, but putting the best playoff team possible.
  2. He’s put up decent points against good defenses. He’s no must start and he doesn’t have the upside of some of the others on waivers, but he’s unlikely to loose you a week. Pretty safe...agreed.
  3. Jones is a stash because he’s not catching passes at the moment. He does have the ability, but until he shows it on the field I wouldn’t start him.
  4. I have Corey Davis. I’ve decided to give him one more week. I wouldn’t want to drop Ridley, but it might be the best choice.
  5. Ito Smith isn’t getting enough work to start. You’d be pretty much relying on TDs. Game flow is probably not going to favor Ito.
  6. The pickup would be between Cohen and Coleman. How annoyed are you with Corey Davis? He’s boom or bust, and his bust is a ball buster...
  7. True. But you don’t necessarily need to sell this week. I expect he has a week or two still in him. Maybe seed the market this week with offers (which they’ll reject) then come back with “I told you so” when he performs, and make another sell attempt.
  8. I’d sell Breida. I predict he’ll go down with injury when you need him most (the playoffs).
  9. The most likely scenario is Mack will be the Colts version of A. Jones... 2 guys that can escape a RBBC. I don’t anyone can sell high after 1 good game. Is it possible Mack becomes a RB2? Sure. But I think the Colts plan was a committee the whole time.
  10. You should be able to get more for Mixon. Julio?
  11. Mack I dropped Royce 2 weeks ago due to lack of upside...
  12. 12 person PPR/small bench Corey is my bench but I’d have a hard time starting him. Any chance the Titans get their @#$& together? Davis = massive # targets with zero consistency Godwin = low targets but makes the most of them, and is a consistent scorer. My other option is to drop Allison. When healthy he was consistent, averaging 15pts/game. My starters are Hopkins, Hill, Diggs
  13. One of the matchups in my CBS league is 111.45 vs. 111.45