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  1. I knew it was going to be a rough night once Mariota came in. Dude never hits WRs. It's either the TE, RB, or he's running it. Very frustrating to have that happen in the semis.
  2. I think you have to play Allen if he's active. You're going to have to outscore your opponent and Allen will give you the best chance if he plays.
  3. Are you favored in your matchup or are you trying for an upset?
  4. Did anybody actually watch this guy against ATL? I just have zero idea of what he brings to the table which makes me apprehensive to play him.
  5. Down to two options on TNF: Agholor or T Jones Herbert is my QB so rolling the dice for Jones with K.Allen and M.Williams out seems intriguing. But Agholor seems likely to get targets with Ruggs out.
  6. I'm struggling with this decision myself. Really seems like a coin flip.
  7. Picked him up but don't know if I have the balls to start him in my flex. Herbert is my QB so I'm tempted.
  8. [...] I'm not sure what to think about Agholor. The targets have certainly been there the past 4 weeks, but the production has been very erratic.
  9. Scooped him up as a FA and might actually have to start him this week. No idea what to expect.
  10. Why didn't they put this guy on IR if he was going to miss this much time? What a puzzling situation.
  11. The lack of updates on KG has been maddening. I really need him back to make any noise in the playoffs.
  12. So who do you handcuff this guy with? Going into the playoffs I'm super thin at RB so will need handcuff. I know Thompson is on IR but he should be back. I'm not sure if he'd be "the guy" or if it's Ozigbo.
  13. As someone who hasn't watched a Browns game, can you elaborate on this?
  14. So how do we feel about this cat now that OBJ is out? I have a high waiver claim and am thinking about using it on him.
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