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  1. As long as the auction will not start any earlier than 12 noon EST, I should be able to do it.
  2. Will the auction be before 12 noon EST? I can't do it any earlier.
  3. Can you confirm the following please. Is it $25 or $50? Is it 10-team or 12-teams? Providing a link to the league will allow us to see the details. Thanks.
  4. I just messaged you. Hard to keep track of all the messages. Check you PM.
  5. Not at the moment, but as I just told one person, if the remaining two don't pay up shortly, they will be replaced. You still interested?
  6. It's full, but someone is close to being kicked out unless he/she pays up. You still interested if so?
  7. I will post leaguesafe link on the league message board shortly. Once I get back from walking my dog...
  8. Between 1 and 3. I have two that said they want in. I sent them invites, but they have not accepted yet. You want in?