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  1. I accidentally dropped my #1 player in a yahoo public league. Is there anything I can do about this or do I just have to live with the consequences. Who (if anyone) handles commish duties/league disputes in a yahoo public league?
  2. Should I start T. Lockett or J. White in the flex spot for my PPR league? whir
  3. Who should I start as my second RB alongside Mixon? My options are: Gurley J. Williams McGuire Kelly Michel WHIR
  4. I like Diggs, Vikings need points and Diggs can be very explosive. help me?
  5. Championship game in my PPR league. Should I start Gurley and hope he gets an early TD or go with Jamaal Williams? Mixon is my other starting RB I also have J. Kelly, E. McGuire, and S. Michel as other options for RB. Any help would be greatly appreciated, WHIR
  6. Bench Michel for sure, his floor is just too low and the Pats spread the ball around too much in the backfield. Help me?
  7. I would go with McGuire. Michel is attractive too, but I've had him all season and I his floor is just too low for the championship. Help me?
  8. I have fortified my team at RB in case Gurley doesn't play, but now with the outlook being that he will most likely play I don't know who to start at RB in his slot, my other starting RB is Mixon. My options are: Todd Gurley John Kelly (I don't by this CJ Anderson nonsense) Jamaal Williams Elijah McGuire Sony Michel Any help, advice, opinions, or general musings would be greatly appreciated. My thinking right now is either Gurley or Jamaal Williams. Rams will most likely put up a few TDs and Gurley will no doubt have his fair share of those, but they could also sit him in the second half if they start to run away with the second score. WHIR
  9. Should I start Brate or Hooper as TE? Ryan is my QB
  10. I would def trade jj over Hopkins because jj doesn't get TDs. I'd ask for Gordon, but he'd probably rather give you McCaffrey
  11. I don't trust Watkins at all, I definitely like Amendola the best this week, but I think Crabtree might be better in the long run
  12. I think you should definitely do it, I don't trust duke as a steady point producer, and ajg is far more reliable than cooks
  13. Looking for some advice/input on a trade I want to make For T. Kelce. Its a high scoring 8 team league. He asked for an RB so Thompson would be my first offer but I want to know if it would be better to hold on to Mixon or Sony in the long run (assuming Sony misses no more than a week). My Team: QB - Ryan, Rivers, and Roethlisberger (bye week blues) WR - Adams, Allen, M. Thomas, RB - Gurley, Mixon, Sony, Thompson TE - Cook, Reed Other Team: QB - Cousins, Trubisky WR - Hopkins, Evans, Shepherd, D. Thomas, D. Jackson RB - Crowel, Drake, Hyde TE - Kelce, Rudolph
  14. Should I start Ryan or Rivers at QB? Rivers has the safer floor but I'm worried the Chargers will take it to the ground in the second half if its an early blowout