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  1. Ooh Jamal Williams is hurt. That's why Aaron Jones.
  2. Wait, did the Vikings just call timeout to punt?
  3. It appears that way. Except the defense knows when Boone is in the game it's a run. Abdullah pass. It's stupid he's being used the Sony Michel way. Then blames the RB when he gets stuffed. BTW, Bikes O-line sucking **s tonight.
  4. Cousins cannot convert a 3rd down to save his life.
  5. 2/16 drafted. I acquired 5 players via trades (dumped 2) The other 9 waiver wire (including churning the roster)
  6. Melvin's last and only 100 yard rushing game this sesson came against the Raiders. Bounce back game incoming.
  7. Mostert got the most backfield touches the last 3 weeks. We just need one more week. Dallas destroyed LA on the ground just last week. Now they have to play a top 3 run offense on a short week. Calculated risk, but risky nonetheless.
  8. Yeah I started him for all of those reasons. Still...
  9. Great game. Hopefully, he can hit paydirt during finals week. Counting on the TE1 performance from you big guy.
  10. Sometimes you go to a dance with a girl, but end up dancing with someone else... Thanks for a great season Dalvin.
  11. Too bad Hooper came back. Julio actually might have had a chance for a TD.