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  1. Hey fellas so just looking through The Wire to see if anyone is worth picking up. Both 12 team 1pt pot leagues. 1st team we play 3 wr's and a flex so 4 wr's usually. 3rd WW claim. Team in signature on bottom right. 1) add Chris Thompson drop Frank Gore. 2) add Siemian drop Flacco 3) add Jermaine Kearse 4) add Rashard Higgins I lost Corey Coleman to IR so don't have to drop anyone here. 2nd league team in signature bottom left. In these pickups I'd be dropping Kerwynn Williams. I'm 10th on WW. 1) add Chris Thompson drop KWill 2) add Chris Carson drop KWill 3) add Rashard Higgins drop KWill 4) add Jermaine Kearse drop KWill The 1st team since we play 3 WR's and a flex I could use some WR depth with Coleman out. The 2nd team 2 WR and a flex Chris Thompson is looking extremely solid as a RB2 or Flex play what do you guys think? Have to put this in tonight ANY help would be much appreciated as my 1 year old daughter has been really sick the past 2 days haven't had much chance to do my homework. As always leave a link I WHIR.
  2. In your signature it says you have Cam and Rivers? Did you pick him up already? If so who did you wind up dropping? I would say drop...Watkins I guess. You have a pretty stacked team and as you said bench is short. It also depends on how many players you can play in each position and if the league is ppr or standard?
  3. I believe this would come down to depth and when will Luck be back. If Luck is back this week or next then team A, if he's out a month plus, then team B. Help with mine?
  4. I'm assuming this is obviously a keeper league, how is your depth at RB? We saw this week what the Cardinals run game looked like without him...his spot is most definitely secure. I was a K Will believer but no one on that roster is coming close to replacing him, and he will most likely be back this year. Having 2 1st rounds picks is huge, tough to give one up but next year DJ would go in the 1st round again so your just solidifying having him on your team regardless of where you draft, plus another 1st rounder, I say do it. Thanks for mine.
  5. Thanks for all the reassurances fellas. I thought my roller coaster days were over once I had kids...boy was I wrong! Having 5 kids is enough of a roller coaster though, the fantasy gods need to show me some sympathy points!! Lol. G L this week fellas
  6. It looks like you do not have a 2nd QB correct? I agree maybe try a 2 for 1 trade to free up 1 roster spot. I would grab Wentz in a heart beat (yes I know I'm an Eagles fan) but he has been producing, which is all that matters in fantasyland. Give Cam another week, I'm doing the same with Cousins. But I would definitely add a 2nd QB and I'd be shocked if Wentz, Rivers and even Siemian are there on next weeks WW. All 3 have been putting up solid weekly points, even Alex Smith. Although Smith isn't know for his hugely productive QBing he's been more than efficient.
  7. Ok fellas so I'm 1-1 in my 3 leagues in my signature...the 2 12-team losses were tough, I lost the one strictly bc of DaVante Adams last night. What I'm more concerned about is my WR's....AJG and Baldwin seem to be in offenses that have no o-line and can't get enough time to make plays for these monster WR's to perform like they should be. Also I have Diggs and with Bradford hurt it's looking like I have very weak WR's. I know all 3 have the potential to be studs but is there anything I can really do in the meantime? I'm not panicking but I don't want to wait till it's to late either. I'm also not big on selling them so low right now. I believe standing pat is my only option...hold on and prepare for the roller coaster lol? As always leave a link I WHIR
  8. I agree team 1 looks good. Team 2 grab Thompson and Kearse if you can. Don't trade Kelce as a panic move, I wouldn't be against trading him but make sure you get a worthy RB for him. Would also have to be able to pick up Fleener. Jesse James I like a lot but McDonald is fighting him for touches so a bit more riskier.
  9. I was using my cell phone last night when I responded so I couldn't see your team in your's a solid team man. You still have T West, Diggs and Crowder. Say a prayer Bradford is ok and comes back this week and Diggs will be stout (I need that too) Crowder just needs a couple more healthy games with Cousins imo. West is a solid play also for bye week fill-in. You still can play Cooks, Fitz and Diggs in the flex that's solid...and Cooks can only improve. Not to mention Ryan and the Falcons are still looking as good as last year, he's solid and better then Cousins. I have AJG, Baldwin and Diggs....AJ and Baldwin have done nothing and with Bradford hurt Diggs was nowhere. Your in better shape than me now lol.
  10. I believe I advised against this one...hate to say I still do. I get getting rid of Cousins but as I said before Gurley and Crabtree are studs. Not that Cooks isn't but he's in a new system that has so many weapons they can't even fit on the field all at the same time...spells for weekly boom/bust. The one positive is you know Cooks has the talent and if him and Brady build that rapport he'll be off to the races like Moss was. Hey maybe say you were trying to hit the decline button and hit accept by accident? :\
  11. Just officially lost my 3rd big money league this week. His TD at the end helped but not enough. AJG and Baldwin are also KILLING me both underperforming. Then Diggs got screwed bc Bradford didn't play....went from 80% chance of wining all 3 to loosing all 3...smdh fantasy life! I agree with you I wouldn't drop him yet. The Redskins offense just has to all get on the same page, they have the weapons. Next week against the Raiders is a solid matchup...we'll see.
  12. OMG looks like he just fumbled again....what was I thinking...
  13. Was Cousins just playing horrible or was in more the WR's not making catches/screwing up routes, ect...?? I mean I guess it doesn't make much of a difference bc if his WR's can't play ultimately it ruins Cousins. I have to say I know it's only week 2 but as it stands right now he's gotta be the biggest bust so far...without panicking it's definitely a major concern considering how many points QB's usually put up...he single handily will loose you weeks at this point...which might happen to me this week. I don't think I'd drop him but I most certainly will be picking up another startable QB after WW's.
  14. LMAO thanks. It was a pita trying to get that 2nd 12-team on the right side lined up correctly lol. I notce when I comment it actually moves slightly by nana always said these computers have a mind of their own! Who did you wind up going with/how'd you do? Hopefully you got the W.