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  1. The Brown owner in my league is shopping him. Thats a no brainer for me right?
  2. Seems crazy but I have a strong team and Mitchell is one of my weakest players in a points league. Some one just dropped Rose and he is averaging 3 more fantasy ppg. Then again Im off to a good start and could wait for Mitchell to break out, any advise?
  3. Man, he's taking some tiny steps and moving slow. Even if he is healthy he's got to be out of shape, but he doesn't look right to me. :/
  4. Agreed, I would hold if I was the other team, much potential Richardson has.
  5. Got an offer to send; Lebron James Jrue Holiday De'aaron Fox And get; Anthony Davis Trae Young Lauri Marhkannen My thoughts were if Trae gets close to Holiday stats this would be a steal, thoughts?
  6. Looking to fill a 8 team league, we're most first time players, gonna do a simple $20 buy in via LeagueSafe. Mostly trying to get some of my friends who play FF to try out fantasy basketball, but don't have enough for a full league. Let me know soon if interested. Need 3 spots, or if more might try and do a 10 team. H2H Points.
  7. The Rockets have as many all-stars as you do unnecessary adjectives.
  8. I can't imagine him being worth the risk unless he shows his old self in preseason. The odds of him never being the same seem extremely high to me.
  9. For the championship, Batum might be back Monday. My opponent will almost def pick up Evans, but as many games as he is missing for odd reasons it might actually be in my favor. Would you pull the trigger on this?
  10. Is there any hope this guys FG% improves past .400? He's so useful other than that right now,
  11. Relegation would be a great fix, those bottom 6 teams would by fighting harder than the playoff contenders. haha
  12. With the top teams about to start resting players, and the bottom teams already resting players, it seems like you need players on teams in the hunt to roster a championship team. Maybe the fantasy playoffs should have started 3 weeks earlier.
  13. Want to drop so bad. Tomorrow they'll say he wasn't able to rest because of the snow and will rest tonight. ??
  14. I dropped him first day of the playoffs, opponent picked him up, and has been paying the price.