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  1. 10 team redraft 1pt ppr. Montgomery and Guice for Godwin and AP? Veto or not?
  2. Hello, not sure what to do with this trade. Accept or veto? No collusion Redraft 2QB league(1QB, 1 superflex(QB). 0.5 PPR 12 teams Stafford/Rivers/Hopkins/Jacobs for Brissett/Kyle Allen/Kamara/Zeke
  3. 12 team league. Redraft, 0.5 ppr league. 1 qb plus 1 super flex(can play 2 qbs at a time). No cheating/collusion Zeke Elliott for Mariotta and Allen Robinson.
  4. Because the trade isnt fair. Its making one team significantly stronger
  5. No collusion assumed, 0.5 PPR league.(redraft) Justin Tucker for Evan Engram? Both players also own Mark Andrews and Hunter Henry.
  6. Who to start? Standard scoring no bonuses.
  7. Can only start 2 Ingram, Chubb, Ware or Mack Standard scoring. Thank You.
  8. Lmao this a joke. Veto right away. That easily throws the balance off the league