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  1. Nope. Deep league so those are literally my only options as I'd start just about anyone else over those two.
  2. This is what it's come down to for my QB2 spot: Baker vs Baltimore Hodges vs Jets
  3. Anyone else having second thoughts about starting Legatron this weekend?
  4. Has there been any talk of a benching/reduced touches going forward?
  5. At this point you’d think there’s likely a chance they go to Grier to end the season?
  6. I honestly think the only reason he hasn’t been IRed as of yet was so they could squeeze the maximum amount of ticket buyers for the Thanksgiving game. It really makes no sense for him to come back but I’m still rostering for now because the thought of a playoff opponent picking him up if he does return would piss me off.
  7. There's no way they allow him to come back now is there?
  8. The problem wasn’t going for it it was being indecisive and having to burn a timeout there
  9. How many catches does Hopkins have? Box scores say 4 but the broadcast says 5.
  10. Mentally preparing myself for Hill to be active only to re-aggravate it in the first and miss the rest of the game.
  11. Still holding but if he's not back by Thanksgiving I might have to drop. I'm just speculating here but I think they're going to keep his status in the air with the hope he's back for that spotlight game. If he's not then I don't see what else he has to play for this season with them likely out of the playoff picture.
  12. I’m still holding, but with the Lions’ playoff chances dwindling I’m becoming more concerned with a potential shutdown.