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  1. What are peoples thoughts on this guy? Had a fairly high ADP, hasn’t had a great start to the year after tailing off last year too. My WRs have been decimated and I just bought low on him. Even with how he is scoring through 2 weeks he’s still my second best WR 😳 Any chance he gets back to business?
  2. I need 27 points from Thielen in a 1PPR league to avoid making and losing my 4th Fantasy Championship in a row..
  3. He’ll play and put up 30 points on everyone’s bench, including mine
  4. Can’t think of many players you could trade him for with the upside he brings, especially if you’re in a PPR league.
  5. I’ve dumped Jaylen. I’ve seen enough of him to know that I would rather use either Michel or Singletary if the worst happens to JC. Waste of a roster spot for me now. JC or bust!
  6. It’s funny because they are still copping the same comments they did when they were 4-0 to begin the season, which were warranted then but are no longer. They played poorly but were winning anyway and everyone was rightfully suspect. They are genuinely playing well now and Jimmy is not just managing games. Could go very deep in January.
  7. Agree, I am guilty of this. All other Pitt RBs have looked awful running the ball.
  8. I think Sanu fits in very well with the Pats offense and how Brady likes to spread the ball. Even when the patriots are ahead they still pass, just look at Edelmans production in the first 8 weeks when the Patriots were never really threatened for a loss. Brady already trusts Sanu, who played every snap and was featured heavily in the hurry-up offense. All signs are positive. I would be buying up personally, depends on needs of course and what you can afford to give up.
  9. Absolutely agree, I do not understand why the Pats went away from him last night. As a Patriots fan, it’s the best I’ve seen him run this year to start a game and it is frustrating the way they use him. Just feels pointless spending a first rounder on a back when you are going to use him the way they are. Could get the same production out of a 5th rounder with this usage.
  10. He’s had 17 targets the last two weeks, I’d hardly call that a bad trend. He’s still put up decent PPR numbers, every WR has their ups and downs. All you can ask for is opportunities and he’s still getting plenty. With a soft schedule ahead, I am not concerned at all.
  11. He’s definitely not start-able right now unless you’re really desperate and I agree he is become a candidate to drop depending on team circumstance. He’s the 5th WR in line on my roster so as much as I’d like to keep TM I just don’t think I can keep carrying him with byes hitting hard for other positions.
  12. I would say that’s about right, potentially a bit higher because his schedule gets pretty soft. There’ll be a few 7 pointers mixed in but in games where it’s close he’ll get 20+ point games easily (especially PPR). Pittsburgh do not look good, but their defense is decent and should hold up against the generally weak schedule they have for the rest of the year to keep games close enough for Conner to get the ball. His health is the only potential concern for me.
  13. He just doesn’t look right out there. He’s a fair bit slower than he used to be and he still isn’t really in sync with Brady. Every catch is a grind for him. Pats need to figure out what he is at this stage of his career for him to have much fantasy value beyond a bye-week fill-in on match-up based flex.
  14. I am quite down on Conner but there is perhaps a slight overreaction to the split carries. There is no doubt Samuels will have more involvement but a lot of his runs were out of the wildcat formation which just isn’t sustainable. Conner will still be the lead back and I highly doubt it would turn into anything close to a 50/50 split. My main concern with Conner is a combination of the Pitt offense as a whole being predictable/sluggish and Conner not having the the x-factor required to break through that and score consistently. But he’ll still have plenty of opportunities. I’m just worried he can’t make the most of them like last year.