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  1. Im sensing another big game out of Saquon Suckley. Thanks for nothing.
  2. Sanders has as good a matchup as you'll get, and he has Howard out so he's in line for a bulk of the carries. I don't trust the KC RB situation to start Williams. Sanders.
  3. I'd probably lean toward Jones. Winston is playing in the lousy weather, and anyone vs NE is a tough matchup. Jones offers you a safer floor, I think. Thanks for the help with mine earlier.
  4. Murray. The weather is JAX is going to be miserable for throwing the ball, and that alone makes me like Murray more. Plus Murray has a good matchup. Also, Boyd now that Dalton is back, like someone else said above. Thanks for the help with mine earlier.
  5. Kind of sucks we have to wait until Monday on Theilen, he'll be back, but he may not be 100% Based on what we know today: Parker and Kirk WR, and Snell flex.
  6. Cousins. The weather in JAX is not going to be good for passing the ball.
  7. 10 man, .5 PPR. Team in signature. Title says it all. Do I sit Diggs and go with Sanders instead? Diggs has Theilen back and honestly I don't trust him with my season on the line, but he also blows up and has huge games every few weeks. Sanders has the best possible RB matchup against MIA with Howard still out, but I worry about Ajayi stealing goalline work. WHIR!!
  8. 10 man .5 PPR I probably won't start Montgomery in this scenario, but it's worth asking anyway. Guice vs the worst run D in the league, even splitting carries with AP, or Samuels against a nearly as bad run D (while also likely splitting carries)?
  9. As a Gurley owner who needed 14 points to not lose, I am bucking the morose mood of this thread and am ecstatic. I drafted Gurley as my RB2 and am thrilled he's doing RB2 stuff.
  10. Personally, I don't trust any NE RB right now, since it seems like a crap shoot who's going to be productive in fantasy.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, there is no (and nor will there ever be any) upside with Josh Gordon anywhere anytime ever. Go Boyd. And drop Gordon and never speak of him again
  12. I say Murray for sure. He is basically the 2019 version of Mark Ingram in NO, and also in Kamara's first game back I wouldn't be surprised if NO eases him back in, which means more looks and touches for Murray. Also, NO has a good matchup.
  13. I like Singletary's matchup out of the whole lot, and he's emerging as the RB1 in Buffalo. Singletary, for me. Thanks for the help with mine earlier.
  14. I think DAL/MIN has the potential to be a low scoring, run first kind of game. I have zero faith in either Darnold or Jones, even though they play each others' lousy defenses. Tannehill wins by default. Tennessee is going to have to throw a lot to try and keep in their game with KC. Thanks for the help with mine earlier.
  15. Hollywood. He has a plum matchup with CIN and is poised to burn their secondary. Fitz is fading.