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  1. Dion Lewis or Khari Blasgame? Blasgame caught 2 passes for 47 yards 2 weeks ago and 1 pass for 0 yards last week. He is 6' 233 lbs. News from ESPN seems to imply that he's got the leg up on Dion Lewis.. but Lewis has still been ending up with more touches by far. "Blasingame notably worked ahead of Dion Lewis, recording the first of his two receptions on the team's opening drive. While he didn't manage another reception until the third quarter, he broke off big gains of 24 and 23 yards respectively. " "Lewis managed nearly all of his production in garbage time, as he had only two rushes for 10 yards through 50 minutes of action. Notably, Lewis also lost work in the passing game to Khari Blasingame, who had receptions of 24 and 23 yards earlier in the contest. Lewis has clearly fallen out of favor in Tennessee, and it's no longer clear he is the handcuff to Derrick Henry." Any Tennessee homers in here?
  2. Worst game of the season for Hopkins against the worst pass defense in the league on championship week .Gg boys
  3. When you say "he's not playing"... which rb are you referring to? Also just adding that on 12/9... rotoworld posted: "Mattison said he'll be ready to go for Sunday against the Chargers, but the rookie will need to get in a limited practice this week to assure that happens. " Of course we later saw that Mattison never practiced and was eventually ruled out but I personally think signs pointing to it not being a serious injury and that Mattison plays and wins me a cup.
  4. Just watched the play and cook could barely walk straight... with his SHOULDER injury. That’s how bad it was. My unprofessional medical opinion is that he’s out next week.
  5. No one wants to waste a high draft pick. But you'd be wrong to assume using a high draft pick on a WR/RB is any better. So far (with varying results due to different scoring formats)... Of the top 10 RB/WRS only 3 were drafted in the 1st round. Expanding to the top 20 RB/WRS only 8 were drafted in the 1st or 2nd round. That just looks at the top 10/ 20 picks. It becomes much more bleak when you take a closer look at their positional tiers. Of the consensus top tier "100%/ sure thing/ can't go wrong with any of them" RBs of Saquon, Zeke, CMC and Kamara. 2 of them ended up good, the other 2 I don't even know where they are rank wise but it's low. Of the consensus top tier "would love to double up on any of these in the back of the 1st round" WRs of Hopkins, Julio, M. Thomas, JUJU, Odell. Of the top 10 Wrs only 2 of them made it... and expanding to the top 20 Wrs only 3 of them made it. Lastly, I make a good amount of money in fantasy by doing Value based drafting which accounts for weekly point advantage between positions. If a QB is going to get me 5 more points per week over the next QB... I'll choose the QB over a RB that is going to get me 3 more points per week over the next rb. Next year in a 2qb league i will take lamar in the 1st. In a 1qb league i would take lamar in the 2nd but more than likely take mahommes in the 3rd.
  6. Typical uneducated commentary reacting to non-news. This should help separate facts from fiction: Concussion protocol is a 5-step process. There used to be a requirement that a player could not advance more than 1 step in a day (so it was a minimum 5-day process), but this is no longer the case. However, Parker is at step 4 based on his participation in practice yesterday and it typically takes at least a day to clear step 4 and step 5. So the earliest he could be cleared would be tomorrow but he would need to evaluated by both the team doc AND the independent neurologist - this often takes more than a day, so Saturday is also possible. Again, this is all assuming he is symptom free and even able to be cleared.
  7. In before they are 5-5 without Mahommes. GB MINN TENN up next.
  8. I have no idea what the locker room thinks but my opinion is that Andy Reid ruined the year for this team. They had a great working formula all of last year and finally lost to the Patriots because they had no defense. All they needed to do this year was shore up the defense. Reid got cute and messed around with the o-line, messed up the rotation with the running backs by bringing in his lover boy and exposed his all star quarterback until his leg was almost snapped in half. The team planned and practiced during the entire off-season/ pre-season with a certain identity and all of the sudden the entire focus became bringing McCoy up to speed on things, getting McCoy familiar with protections, getting McCoy more carries. Rather than focusing on more important issues, all of the attention went to McCoy. Well now all Reid has left is McCoy and he still stinks.
  9. I dunno what's been going on in this thread, but I like chase =P and glad I started him last week. Who knows what will happen fantasy wise moving forward.
  10. David has one catch so he was at least playing at one point.