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  1. 10 standard, RB 1 -Montgomery(like matchup vs ATL gives up most pass yards to RBs) RB 2 -Hunt(dynamic offence/phi DB issues?) Flex- Gordon(vs dolphins defence?) BN Ajayi-(reduced touches due to injury risks)committee share Cook- (high volume w/o Bradford /pitt run defence?) Gillislee-(temped to start vs saints)rebound game for pats? My starting WRs D.Thomas Garçon BN Pryor Galloday TE-J.Graham(online issues, b used to help block??) BN-M.bennett( could have a big game is a shootout vs ATL ? K-Lutz cheers your input :)))
  2. Hey bro still learning how to reply to your reply lol I took 2 RBs 10th & 11th 1&2nd round Ajayi & Gordon rest of my RBs I got while others in my league were stocking up on QBs and WRs . Didn't end up getting lynch but now I'm struggling with who to start this week. As of now I'm starting Montgomery Hunt and Gordon . Leaving Gillislee Cook and Ajayi on the BN. I'm tempted to go with Gillislee with that matchup vs the saints in my flex. Also have an offer Evans for Ajayi 

  3. Hey guys just had a trade offer he wants ty Montgomery for beastmode? 10ppl standard league. My other 5 RBs are. Ajayi M.Gordon K.Hunt D.Cook Gillislee wanted to keep ty Montgomery just to have a player in the packers. My QB is Carr so don't really want 2 of my main players on the same bye week. Thoughts? Cheers
  4. Corey Coleman injury issues may affect his production week 1. W/R I'd have to go with Hyde in that shanahan offence even starting him over miller
  5. Have similar problem 10 ppl standard with my flex position. The fear of that Seahawks defence! Ajayi Gillislee & Hunt all out. my starting RBs D.Cook & Gordon WRs Garcon & D.Thomas. Tempted to start Pryor over Ty Montgomery in my flex?