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  1. He is extremely undervalued at the 15-25 range in rookie drafts this year. Not too often do you find 2nd round draft pedigree RBs at that spot. Regardless of views on his talent, he is walking into a great spot. The Packers like to run the ball, split the workload, and Aaron Jones is due for an extension. I'm interested to see if he can actually add any receiving to his rep.
  2. Really surprised not to see any posts on here. 5 steals and good % on high volume .I don't own him, but he really is playing better this year and now he's the guy for the Warriors.
  3. Too true🤣🤣 Ayton and Drummond both put up great lines tonight. I'm hoping Drummond sticks with Detroit despite the shutdown risk. Reggie Jackson seems to have provided a boon for him on the offensive end recently.
  4. He's not in the same level as Holmes or Graham in terms of a surprise, but he was still likely a back of bench player likely to be dropped with the initial injury he had in any non-IR leagues.
  5. Basically a discount version of Capela fantasy wise that I can put at a forward spot. Extra bonus that he was available to be picked up off of waivers in most leagues. Have a feeling that if he stays healthy, he will win a lot of people championships in the right build. He's essentially an extra center that fits perfectly into a punt 3s/FT% build.
  6. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but I would gladly trade a Kemba for Kyrie. Obviously there is an injury risk, but Kyrie is an upgrade, albeit slightly, in almost every category.
  7. 7 rebounds and 4 assists in the 1st quarter.😲 Not sure what is going on, but I ain't complaining.
  8. I understand the real life concerns with Ben Simmons, but the negativity is a little strange in here. You should be punting FT% and not relying on him to carry you in points. He's 12th if you are punting FT% and is averaging almost 3 stocks a game. Also can't underestimate the FG% advantage as a PG.
  9. I don't own him, but I think this string of games is a good opportunity to try to trade for him. I think we'll see him really turn it on in the 2nd half of the season.
  10. Brees: 40.1 Jackson: 22.3 Rodgers: 9.5 Kyler Murray 26.7, 23 Wilson: 16.6 This is the QB numbers over the last 6 games vs. San Fran. Now take out many of the other key pieces on defense that are out like DJ Jones, Sherman, and Dee Ford. I think you could make a strong case that he is a top 5 play this week. I'm still likely going with Tannehill over him, but I think there is a strong case for starting Matty Ice this weekend, despite San Fran's perception as a stringy defense.
  11. I actually passed on him because of the injury concerns. However, I think it is hard not to see the value in attempting to flip assets showing positive results like David Montgomery for a guy like Conner that has a major role in this offense in both rushing and receiving. If you have Samuels, I would highly recommend testing the waters on getting Conner as well. Pitt's backfield is likely going to be a top 10 weekly play.
  12. 10 team, .5 PPR DHop-1st round, Chark-waivers, would be 10th round keeper next year I have faith that DHop will turn it around, but I'm not sure it is worth giving up a player like Chark that I would be able to keep in the 10th round. Especially since Chark is clearly performing at a high level. This would have been an easy accept a couple of weeks ago, but Chark keeps stacking good games together.
  13. I don't know how he'll do this week, but I expect him to score more points than Cooper over the rest of the season after this weekend. I don't own him in any leagues, but the cutups of his 1st 2 games show real talent, and there were definitely signs of him breaking out. His performance vs. the Rams in the divisional round was stellar and a taste of what he can bring to this team in 2019.
  14. I'm in a deep league and he was dropped. Is there a reason why he isn't IR-eligible on ESPN? He is clearly out for at least a month.
  15. This is a clear buy low situation. I think we actually learned more than most in here let on. Clement is a non factor, Sproles is not taking away a huge split of touches. As the night went on, Howard's tendency to run into the pile was painfully obvious. Sanders had more carries and got 4 targets in the passing game. Most people will see the fantasy points/yards and be disappointed but I think the arrow is pointing up. I think the Goedert injury is big for this team because they were only carrying 2 TEs on the active roster. Their OL is talented, I think they'll get the running game going soon.