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  1. Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp have to be an absolute pain to own this year.
  2. Yup. I was sweating this one out, until that play.
  3. If you are looking for a flip candidate, I'm not sure you couldn't flip him to desperate Chubb owners at this point. Chubb is a bet to get more yards on any given Sunday, they both get little passing game work, and are somewhat TD reliant in that regard.
  4. JRob, JWill, Gio In a standard league, I don't love Gio's chances of scoring a TD like the other 2.
  5. Upgraded at TE and Crowder produces when healthy. I like it.
  6. Only time I bench Mahomes is on BYE or injury purposes.
  7. 8 team Which one do I not start this week out of these 4 RBs? Jacobs vs. TB Rojo vs. LV Gurley vs. DET JRob vs. LAC
  8. Smart play. Get a couple weeks of RB1 type production and a handcuff in case CMC gets reinjured. I'm higher on Diontae than most, but I doubt he comes into play for you at any point this season with that WR corps.
  9. I think I'd take ARob and hope that we see more of the JRob from early in the season that looked like a league winner.
  10. Cooper, Woods, Chark. I get the concerns with Cooper, but I still think he will put up consistent 15 point games. Woods is in a run heavy offense, unless that changes, I don't think he is a reliable starter. Chark may have the best finish to the season, but we haven't seen enough of him feasting to know at this point.
  11. 8 team league Everyone's rosters look pretty stacked. I dropped my defense to scoop up AB. Who do I drop out of these players once I pick my defense back up: Tyler Boyd CeeDee Lamb(I have Amari, I view him as a handcuff of sorts) Jonnu Matt Ryan Cam Newton Most teams are rostering 2 QBs, so Burrow/Stafford are the best available QBs.