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  1. 68.8% for his career but the attempts are so low so it’s not much of an issue. 1.5 per game for his career in 23 minutes.
  2. Seems like sitting those few games got him right. Starting to look like himself out there.
  3. If this was actually offered hit accept before the dude sobers up.
  4. Get Kyrie. Can just figure out keepers next year.
  5. Lol went off 2 games ago and then the game before this one was good. Man some of you are so fickle. Please drop.
  6. He missed 11 days KAT was out 30. I get your point if the days missed were about the same but that's quite a big difference.
  7. Yep AD is blows KAT away on defense. KAT is pretty bad on that end of the floor.
  8. Couldn’t care less about TO’s with Harden.
  9. It's only game specific in baseball. Basketball there is no set criteria. Yahoo is typically one of if not the most lenient platform with it though.
  10. He has a non-contact jersey on. So it's not like he is a full go here.
  11. Not gonna happen after one start. Prob gonna take at minimum a couple weeks if he continues to get starts at C.