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  1. Take Devers better dynasty asset imo.
  2. Just so bad at the plate and makes some poor decisions. Gordon works a 2 out walk he comes up and tries to bunt on the first pitch with the 3b playing in. Pops it up to him and inning is over. On 2nd base in the 10th to start the inning and gets thrown out trying to steal third for the first out. It's like he has no feel for the game at all.
  3. Think I would rather have Robert. Legit 30/30 potential.
  4. Justin Upton comes to mind as a comp.
  5. Nah man can't be policing people like this, especially in keeper or dynasty leagues. They have a right to manage their teams as they see fit. People are aware of what's going on and how it may affect players/fantasy so I don't see the problem if they wanna deal.
  6. Frank Thomas aka The Big Hurt. My family and I moved close to Birmingham when I was 8. Got to see him play for Barons a couple times and remember being in awe as a kid when I saw him. Went on to the White Sox and well the rest is history. My dad and I actually went up to the HOF when he got inducted.
  7. That's tough. I would prob go FVV or Cov. Which one depends on build imo. Mitch Rob right behind those 2.
  8. While I would have wanted more for Max you will get these types of a deals in a dynasty. It just comes with the territory. Commish needs to stop playing god and let people manage their franchises.