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  1. AP has the safest floor but lowest upside. I'm leaning towards Jakobi. Why not go with the hot hand? If they're coming up with gadget plays for him you know Bellichek likes him. He only does that with skill players. They'll find ways to get him the ball. Cake defense with Houston this week. Rams defense has been better of late and Brady really spreads the ball around.
  2. I'm starting Herbert over Watson just about every week including this one. Weather will start to become a factor in GB but Herbert looks to have not only a good schedule but favorable weather conditions. Home games (Jets, Pats, Falcons, Broncos) away @Raiders is in a dome. Buffalo weather looks good next weekend. Something to think about. GB is also has a great RB that can take over games, Chargers don't. Straight up maybe make the trade, but don't give up two players for Rodgers. Don't think you'll get too many more points from him vs Herb. My two cents.
  3. Jefferson vs Dallas? - he's been solid. Dallas is bad vs WR's and they should be focusing on Cook and the Vikings runs game. Chance for Jefferson to get some air yards. But then again it could be the Dalvin Cook show. Connor vs Jacksonville? - James Connor has been awful the last weeks and Pittsburgh is turning into a passing team. Seems like they got others at the goal line and the dump offs to Connor out of the backfield are almost non existent. But Jacksonville is a bad defense against the run and Connor is in for an upside game. I'll help with yours..
  4. [...] He's gotten some touches but hasn't done much with them. Also Pitt has too many weapons and don't need to target him out of the backfield. The dump offs are almost non existent in this offence. Then Snell / Claypool loom as goal line TD vultures. They're winning this way so I don't think all of sudden they'll abandon the game plan. [...]