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  1. He was just dropped in my dynasty league. I have room to stash him but does he have any future value?
  2. This just happened last week. This isn't very woke of the NFL.
  3. Right? I've seen 2 games and only until recently someone got 4 games. I don't remember him ever having trouble with substances. 6 games seems excessive. Wtf. Luke Gifford just got 2 games. I thought the NFL wasn't racist anymore?
  4. If I was Kamara I'd be pulling a Latrell Sprewel right now and choking Payton out. This is some straight up bs.
  5. @MJJ28 @BMcP 7.0 ypc to start off the season...How you like them apples?
  6. Lions officially declare Golladay as doubtful for Sunday
  7. I knew I should've offloaded Hill after they get CEH. Now all they do is run and too many other mouths to feed.
  8. Yeah, I was hoping he would stay under the radar a bit longer but with the recent Golladay news, people are soon gonna find out what he's capable of.
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