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  1. Per Rotoworld, Fulgham is listed as the top receiver in WR1 in depth chart for Eagles. He was last one or somewhere low in WR3 group last week.
  2. Impact on Fulgham so putting here: NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reports DeSean Jackson (ankle) is expected to miss 6-8 weeks. Jackson has a non-displaced ankle fracture. It's worse than the high-ankle sprain that was originally reported. Jackson is expected to avoid surgery and is "highly motivated" to make it back this year. Returning in Week 14 would be a best-case scenario for Jackson. SOURCE: NFL Network Oct 24, 2020, 11:06 AM ET
  3. The pass seemed a bit overthrown - catchable and Engram should have timed it better but I think Daniel Jones was more cautious than trying to throw a perfect pass.
  4. I am starting Fulgham over Woods and Cooper. I have Hopkins, who is questionable. Hopkins will likely play but you never know and I do not really like Woods nor Cooper this week and do not want to find my team having to start both if Hopkins did not play. Also Fulgham is playing a little friendlier defense and is likely to get more targets than either of those two - both Woods and Cooper could get shut-out.
  5. Anyone know why he was not used much at Baylor? Per Player's profile, he accounted for ~12% of his team's offense. It is odd that if he has enough talent to succeed in NFL, he was not used much in college.
  6. I find no cancelation. Is there any confirmation the game will happen?
  7. Cardinals seem pretty solid on passing D no, and 49ers defense is beat-up? What am I missing?
  8. In half-points per receptions: For my WR 1 I am starting Hopkins. I am leaning Woods for my WR 2 as too much uncertainty for Cooper with Dalton as QB. With Fulgham being the only true receiver for Eagles in this game with Jackson and Jeffery out, I am thinking he might get 10+ targets and while the Ravens keep receivers from scoring, they give up average air yards so Fulgham floor might be around 7 receptions, 85 yards which is pretty solid for a WR2 and based on the Steelers game, his upside is more than Woods.
  9. Will Marcus Peters be main corner covering Fulgham in this game? Here is his profile: His numbers through 2020 look average. I am new to reading these detail numbers on a corner. From what the numbers spell, it seems receivers he covers do above average of what they do in other games: For example, Peters's covered receivers average 1.6 points per target and average 12 points per game. IF opposing QBs are evarging 7.5 targets to his covered receive, they are not shying away from him. Is this who will be on Fulgham most of game?
  10. I could not find a 2020 thread on him, so starting this one. Playerprofiler has him is a top 5 trending player right now. Combine numbers show him to be pretty quick and also fast. Profiles comparison is Kenyan Drake. With Bell release, should be interest in him.
  11. [...] I have no idea why other players do not value these players as opposed to backup defenses and kickers.
  12. Pretty lopsided in your favor, in dynasty, in my opinion.
  13. Is Cooper playing? If so, is there a top CB on him or something making the QBs not throw to him?