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  1. Probably Randall Cobb but I have Amari Cooper a** a starter so Cobb is valuable this year.
  2. Possibly, but it was during tackling, as opposed to McCoy carrying a loaf of bread around.
  3. My team is deep, and I am not sure he is worth a roster spot. If I pick him, wasted spot all season. Will he likely play, in feature role, in future seasons?
  4. Is Hopkins hurt? Edit: He caught a 20 yard pass right after I posed this question.
  5. I think he fits the Cardinal offense better than Johnson. After what he did in the Giants game, I think his floor is 10 rushes and 4 passing targets a game and the team will not be shy to use him in the endzone. So his floor could be RB3 numbers going forward and it would not be shocking if he split activity.
  6. I have him on a few times and on my bench on all of them, so I know how you feel.
  7. Chase Edwards or Pollard would be league winners if either of their team's main RBs were to get hurt. Johnson is dealing with back and ankle injuries, so he has a higher chance of being out. So unless you need WR help, I would take a chance on Edwards.
  8. That is a tough one. Profile for floor and ceiling is probably the same for both in any format. It really might be a coin flip, so go with who you feel is better.
  9. Thanks. It just feels strange starting two RBs on same team but I think it is actually a good strategy since one could go off but still combined they would put up good numbers averaged, so your team's scoring floor is raised with both, and both could go off giving you a high ceiling still.
  10. My starting WRs: Hopkins and Woods. RBs: Barkely and Coleman. Flex would be either Breida or Cooper. With Cooper's injury I think he is very risky - fair chance he could leave game at any time. Also Washington's run defense is poor, so I think Coleman and Breida combined would put up numbers equating to two RB2s and with both starting on my team, I would mitigate the risk of one producing most of their combined numbers. What I mean: I think combined they will get around 150+ total yards including receiving and rushing yards and 6 receptions and 1-2 TDs combined. If that were evenly split, it would be ~13.5 points each which would be RB 2 numbers each but it might not be evenly split while still being around that total combined, and I would not have that risk since both starting on my team. So with that combined value even without Cooper's injury risk, the better average approach would be starting both of them vs one and Cooper and the injury makes it an easy choice Anyone make a reason not to start both and instead Coleman and Cooper?
  11. Oh I read it wrong. I know little about Bonnafon. How is he as a receiver? If he cannot run routes or catch, he will not replace McCaffery. If he can, he is probably worth keeping as your team would be gone if McCaffery went down probably.
  12. Starting Amari Cooper and Hopkins as both WRs, need two RBs and a flex in half PPR out of: Damien Williams, Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman and Robert Woods. I am thinking Williams with Houston giving up lots of receiving yards to RBs, and both Coleman and Breida thinking there is no way to predict which will get the most usage but combined that should be safe for for 120 to 160 total yards, 5-7 receptions and 1 to 2 TDs, which averaging the points would be RB2 numbers for both. Woods is too inconsistent with 3 good WRs on his team and now the TE getting involved. Advice?
  13. Who is your other TE besides Howard and can you start TEs in other slots?
  14. Sports orthopedic specialist discusses David Johnson. He states that people often have trouble in normal life with these types of injuries much less be able to play football. After explaining the injury, from the 2:30 mark onward, he opines that while is is not super-concerned with Johnson he thinks Johnson might be in a 50/50 situation for the short term and could be pulled in games at any point. That is if just a soft tissue injury. If a fracture, he could be shut-down.
  15. Even if Hopkins regains performance, you would be ugrading the other two a lot and Chark would not be too far behind even a return to form Hopkins so far.
  16. You would think he is just in a slump but 4 straight games for someone who should be one of the most productive NFL players seems more than a slump. Also, at 27, the younger Texans receivers will probably take plays from him in future years, so he is likely to decline from past years even if he gets his play together. If you wanted to trade him in a 12 team dynasty league, what would be minimal acceptable price?
  17. Yeah I guess Andrews makes even more sense. He would mitigate the risk that Desean Jackson might change the passing approach of Eagles, which could de-emphasize the receiving TE play for the Eagles.
  18. On a team with Zach Ertz, so hopefully equal transition to Goedert if Ertz got hurt, would you drop Goedert for Mark Andrews? I am not sure which. Keeping Goedert would mean no second guessing matchups each week between Ertz and Andrews and an Ertz-out Goedert might be better than Mark Andrews. Also Mark Andrews did most of his damage in second half and the Ravens Miami game was such a blow-out, the second half of that game is probably not a barometer for how Ravens will normally play. So I am leaning to keeping Goedert but it is tempting since we can start a TE in flex in the league. Advice?
  19. I am wondering also. For week 1 it was dated 9-4. I wonder if it will start coming out on Wednesday's after waivers, in many leagues, have cleared.
  20. No talk after game 1? He started. He is in a good situation - bad team that will start him and will be trailing games. He might get a fair amount of garbage yards and TDs. HE has a fair path be a top-30 fantasy WR Maybe even better. 1000+ yards and 8+ TDs is not out of the question the way the season will go for his team.
  21. He started with a 13 yard run. Since then the average is around 2.5 yards since. Jaguars have a good defense.
  22. Thanks for confirming. To be 0 I figured he was out for some reason.
  23. Is something wrong with Tyler Boyd in week 1? I find no news on him but on my team, on, he is projected at 0 points this week.