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  1. Shenault or AJ Green or Edelman is what I am weighing now.
  2. It was just his turn. It is definitely a shared backfield, but Chubb was fine.
  4. Same situation here. I have Sanders in at the moment.
  5. With Kupp and AJB as my top two WRs, I hope you are both right.
  6. Nobody is saying "it's on Mason Rudolph". People are saying that he's not completely innocent. Which he is not. That's no excuse for Garrett. He has to face the music for what he did. But that's also not an excuse for Rudolph fighting either. It's not one or the other. Both players chose to fight.
  7. Garrett deserves everything he has coming to him. But Rudolph should have something coming to him as well. He started a fight that turned dirty AF. He shouldn't be absolved of any blame.
  8. I don't think I'd have the guts to go with Irv Smith. Vikings are a running team, and maybe even more so with Thielen out. Given your options, I would keep rolling with Olsen. Thanks for the help on mine.
  9. Yes, I would pull the trigger. You have decent RB depth and your WRs would be fantastic if/when Adams comes back.
  10. Yes, I'd do it. Golladay becomes a solid WR2 for you, and you have the TE to spare. I like Williams and do own him, but I don't think that foot injury is going away. He'll be playing through some intense pain the rest of the year.
  11. I'd go with Stills. Watson likes to take deep shots, and with Fuller out I think Stills corrals at least one.
  12. It's really the match ups that are making my decision difficult. I need to pick one: Chase Edmonds @ NO (I assume DJ is out, and Edmonds has looked good, but tough match up) Ty Johnson vs. NYG (just about every RB goes nuts against NYG) Devante Freeman @ SEA (Tough road game, dicey offense, Matt Ryan injuries) Drop a link and WHIR if you need it. Appreciate the input.
  13. My gut agrees, simply because I may start him. However, it's hard to ignore the match up. The Giants have given up: Total Yards/TDs Chase Edmonds 150/3 Sony Michel 113/3 Dalvin Cook 218/0 Ronald Jones 121/0 Devin Singletary 57/1 Frank Gore 83/1 Zeke 63/1 And that's not including some pretty solid stats from second string guys as well. I may not start Ty again the rest of the year, but it seems this would be the week to do it.
  14. I sure hope so. Thus far he has been a wasted pick.