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  1. If you can get Adams go for it, otherwise I’d stay put.
  2. It's tough without knowing what your team looks like but unless you are really really stacked at RB, then the Gordon side wins pretty easily.
  3. MVS for sure since Adams is almost certainly out. Then I would probably roll with Williams.
  4. Almost any trade in which you get CMC is a win - this is no exception. Good job.
  5. The safest bet is probably Ekeler then Edmonds.
  6. Not entirely sure what you’re asking but if I understand correctly, I’d add Fournette and Elliot to that list.
  7. I certainly don’t think it’s crazy and couldn’t argue too much if you did. However, I’ve always been a firm believer in starting my best players. If I was in your situation, I’d continue to roll with OBJ
  8. I was offered Dak/Evans for Winston/Hopkins. I’ve been streaming all year so the thought of having a consistent QB is appealing. On that other hand, I consider Evans a downgrade from Hopkins. Thoughts?
  9. DJ for sure. Lots of targets from a team that will probably be trailing most games is a good combo.
  10. Yeah, if you can pull it off, go for it. Thanks for the help on mine.
  11. Team is in my signature. Thinking about buying low on Evans or Bell. What do you think is the following offers? Is the asking price too low? Mixon and Woods for Evans Mixon and Woods for Bell If that’s not enough I could try throwing Dam. Williams in as well. Thoughts?
  12. I’m going to go against everyone and say I’d start Eke, Fitz and JuJu. Just last weekend JuJu had 80 yards and a TD. Last nights game script was as bad as it gets for him. They will almost certainly be trailing against Bal most of the game.
  13. Winston for sure and I’d even consider starting him over Rodgers some weeks.
  14. I would certainly take the deal if they accept.
  15. I would accept the trade for sure, as others have said.
  16. The Jacobs part doesn’t matter too much since he’s not going to start for you anyway, so it’s essentially who you like more - Kittle or Dissly. I prefer Kittle.
  17. I think you're saying you would GET Bell and Thielen? If so then it’s an easy yes for me. Take the deal.
  18. Team is in my signature. I've been discussing a possible trade and wanted to get some feedback. He gets his choice of Woods or Sutton AND Mixon for D. Hopkins Thoughts?
  19. Deal is done. Thanks for all the help.
  20. My vote would be Sanders. Thanks for the help on mine.
  21. I certainly wouldn’t blow all my $ on him. If you’re dead set on doing it, drop Williams.
  22. I don’t like either deal. Even if it was for Adams alone I’m not sure I would do it. The fact that you have to throw in Hyde or Gore is a even worse.
  23. Thanks for the help on mine. I think you could do better. Hold off in my opinion.