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  1. Agreed...and if nothing else, the game may match with the usual crowds drawn in LA.
  2. That Cowboys--Rams game would be the first regular season game at the new LA stadium. So I can understand why this game got the prime-time slot (even though I have little interest in the Rams myself).
  3. Now if that happened, I'd embrace it and probably pony up $10 for a ticket to see a game in person.
  4. Exactly. Who knows? Maybe Gase will get fired early in the season and Gore will get hired as interim head coach. He can then bench himself (and get psyched for the future trip to Canton).
  5. I'd rather just sign him to be a full-time coach. I don't think it will help the Jets to give carries to Gore at the expense of Bell (or any other RB on the roster).
  6. I'm a Jets fan and while this signing makes no sense IMO, that doesn't mean Gore wasn't an all-time great. He's absolutely a HOF'er and you don't put up numbers like this without being great: Additional fun fact, for those who would criticize him for being on mediocre teams...the one time Gore got to the Super Bowl, he made the most of it, rushing 19 times for 110 yards and a TD (and he had big games in the two playoff games prior to that).
  7. I sure hope that people did look at Julio's stat line from his 2011 rookie season, when they were preparing for 2012 fantasy drafts. Julio missed 3 full regular season games (more than a game or so) in his rookie season..and still put up excellent numbers. Plus there was another game after he returned from injury, where he was either re-injured and left the game, or was an injured decoy (he had zero targets). Here's a look at the PPR fantasy points for both Julio Jones and A.J. Brown in their rookie seasons... Julio busted in 4 of 14 games. A.J. busted in 10 of 19 games. It would've been 11 of 19, but he rescued Week 16 with a 49 yard rushing TD (he was held to 1 catch for 34 yards). Even if you weren't meaning to compare the two after bringing Julio's name up, the fact is that Julio was clearly far superior to Brown as a rookie. As you said, Julio was a beast. Of course there can be improvements for Brown, as he heads to his second season. He's an exciting player and it'll be interesting to see how he develops. But just as we have to sometimes be wary of late-season fantasy wonders at RB, the same is true for WR. Brown finished as the #10 WR in Standard and #21 WR in PPR. But through Week 11, he was #49 in Standard and #55 in PPR. Through Week 13 (end of the fantasy regular season), he was #33 in Standard and #40 in PPR.
  8. Here is a tale of two QB's. Here's how they are currently being ranked by "fantasy experts": QB 1 is listed as the #7 QB by 7 of the 10 experts. QB 2 is listed somewhere in the #21--#29 range by 9 of the 10 experts. Here's how QB 1 and QB 2 actually performed in 2019, with their weekly finishes amongst QB listed (format of all TD's being worth 6 points). As you can see below, QB 1 was slightly better on a weekly basis than QB 2, with an average weekly finish of 13.73 compared to 14.86. QB 1 is Josh Allen. QB 2 is Gardner Minshew. Now obviously, more goes into 2020 fantasy rankings than just the stats from 2019. It's a new season. Allen now has Diggs added to his receiving core and that's of a big move for the Bills. As for Minshew, well, we still don't know for certain if he'll open the season as the starter...or if he'll keep the job should he falter. But with that said, IMO either Allen is being ranked way too high for 2020...or Minshew is being ranked way too low...or both.
  9. Thanks. I have Jones at one RB3 finish, as that's the Week 6 game you mention, where he ended up right at #36 in your numbers (#33 in mine). Here's additional info in regards to weekly finishes from a couple months ago:
  10. At the end of the day, KC drafted Hardman a day after news that made it seem very likely that Tyreek would be suspended. Then after Tyreek got injured, Hardman saw 22 targets across the 4 games Tyreek missed. Hardman had 19 targets in the other 12 games. If you think that Hardman was drafted solely as a gadget player for a specific role, in spite of the two above things, to each their own.
  11. Hardman was drafted literally the day after the audio recording between Tyreek and his fiancee was released (and many people thought Tyreek was facing a suspension at the least).
  12. These are all of the RB's AND WR's who had more RB1/RB2 or WR1/WR2 weeks than Jones in 2019... That's the whole list. 6 players. 5 RB's and 1 WR. How many players tied Jones? So 2 players tied Jones. Meaning 8 total RB's and WR's in the NFL had as many or more RB1/RB2, or WR1/WR2 weeks, as Jones did.
  13. Out of curiosity, here's a comparison to the prior 8-year period as well: