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  1. It is down for our league too. I generally love CBS and promote them for fantasy. But there have been several issues this year, including email notifications for multiple weeks and now this.
  2. Do I think Aaron Jones is light years ahead talent-wise compared to Williams? Yes. But that doesn't mean Williams can't be successful in fantasy. In 2017, when he received a big workload from Weeks 10--17, Williams was the #8 RB in PPR. Since Jones became the starter from 2018--2020, Williams has gotten 14 or more touches in 9 games. In 8 of those 9 games, he's gotten at least 10 FP's (full PPR). The only game he didn't was against a very tough Bears defense in 2018. He had one opportunity this year, with 16 touches. His rushing totals were awful but with receiving, he totaled 105 yards and 8 catches. Let's hope for the best today.
  3. Speaking Wednesday, coach Anthony Lynn said Austin Ekeler (hamstring, I.R.) will be back "later than sooner." Lynn called Ekeler's hamstring strain "very serious." He's missed one game so far, but it doesn't sound like Ekeler will be coming off the I.R. list when first eligible after three weeks. Justin Jackson out-snapped rookie Joshua Kelley 59% to 35% and saw 20 touches to Kelley's 12 in the first game without Ekeler two Monday nights ago against the Saints. Coming out of the bye, Jackson looks like the preferred RB2 play as a big home favorite against the Jaguars.
  4. He also leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage:
  5. That almost sounds like something Bill O'Brien would do. Wait...
  6. So far, these are the answers for those with specific numbers: 3 of 25 (12%) @InVINCEable 5 of 25 (20%) @Gmen07 17 of 85 (20%) @Gohawks 7 of 25 (28%) @Corleone 7 of 25 (28%) @Jericho 11 of 30 (36.7%) @ponchsox 11 of 30 (36.7%) @TuesdaymorningQB
  7. Those are two extremely close results! Knock on wood for no scoring changes this week How about the rest of the league?
  8. I'm curious as to how often the H2H games in people's leagues have been close. Let's call a close game one decided by less than 10 points. Obviously a 1 point game is a lot closer than a 9.99 game, but going by less than 10 points, how many matchups have been decided by that in your league(s)? In my 10-team league, since there are 5 games a week and we're through Week 5, there have been 25 matchups. Of those 25, 7 games have been decided by less than 10 points (or 28% of the games). Of the 7 close games, the losing team had a defense score negative points 3 times. In 3 of the other games, the losing team had a defensive score that was not negative, but still several points short of their projected score. In addition, counting all starting players together, including defenses, 6 of the 7 "close losers" had a player on their team score less than 1 point. Obviously what happens in one league can be completely different in another league. But I'm curious to see of any common denominators towards close games that people may notice, along with how often close games are occurring in 2020 so far.
  9. Ironically, right now in my league, Hopkins is the #4 WR, Diggs is the #6 WR, Tyreek is the #7 WR, but D.Bowe is unranked.
  10. "Okay, we're 4-0 letting Russ cook" "Let's throw them off by making a salad!"
  11. Either the 2020 Vikings became an all-time great offensive AND defensive team tonight, OR the 2020 Seahawks made a surprise coaching change and have Adam Gase coaching them via Zoom right now. Those are the only two explanations for the first half of this game.
  12. Not doubting you here at all (I hope this is what happens), just curious what source you got this info from?