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  1. In 2019, Kelce was the #9 WR. In 2018, Kelce was the #9 WR. In 2017, Kelce was the #10 WR.
  2. In 2019, Kelce was the #1 TE in full PPR. He was 47.1 FP's ahead of the #5 TE. And his FP's were good enough to put him at the #9 WR. In 2018, Kelce was the #1 TE in full PPR. He was 101 FP's ahead of the #5 TE. And his FP's were good enough to put him at the #9 WR. In 2017, Kelce was the #1 TE in full PPR. He was 59.9 FP's ahead of the #5 TE. And his FP's were good enough to put him at the #10 WR. So a TE who is the #1 TE, is significantly ahead of the TE who is good enough to rank #5, and is a WR1 to boot? Yup, Kelce is good.
  3. The irony of someone talking about a sense of humor when every one of her posts ends with 🤣 or 😂. By the way, it's now 7 straight drives KC has scored a TD on.
  4. If you post something funny, I'd laugh. But alas, here we are.
  5. Are you watching this game? It doesn't feel like that at all.
  6. This was Bill O'Brien at halftime of a different game this season...but it sure could have been this one:
  7. In his last 8 games played, Derrick Henry has rushed for 1,273 yards and 10 TD's. In other words, he has become the real-life version of Super Tecmo Bowl's Bo Jackson.
  8. I agree with you and here's an added way the Jags can look at it if both QB's are on the team. If they start Foles and have Minshew as the backup, they're spending X money. But if they instead start Minshew and have Foles as the backup, well they're still spending X money. X doesn't become Y if Foles is on the bench. Minshew may not have the ceiling of the other rookie QB's...but he was the highest-rated rookie QB per PFF, over the likes of Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, and Dwayne Haskins (granted, it wasn't difficult to beat Haskins): "The highest-graded rookie quarterback in the NFL wasn’t Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins or Daniel Jones; it was the sixth-round pick, Gardner Minshew. His 70.3 overall grade on the season ranked 20th among 32 qualifying quarterbacks. Despite some concerns over his arm strength coming into the NFL, Minshew was one of the top deep-ball passers in the league this season. His 129.0 passer rating on passes 20 or more yards downfield was the highest mark in the league, and his PFF grade on those throws trailed only Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson."
  9. That was his grade for the completed 2019 regular season.
  10. Towards efficiency stat drops, Kamara saw these declines (amongst others): 2018 PFF overall grade: 84.1 2019 PFF overall grade: 69.9 (I personally consider this to be a big one, as PFF tracks players way better than any of us on this Forum) 2018 Yards per Target: 6.8 2019 Yards per Target: 5.5 2018 Yards per Touch: 5.8 2019 Yards per Touch: 5.3
  11. Yup, I see him as at least a mid-range WR2 for 2020, with potential to threaten as a WR1, and hopefully can be drafted like a WR3/Flex.
  12. Kamara is a player whose value varies quite a bit depending on what format you play in. Here's how his 2019 fantasy season numbers ended up. Now those are his full-season numbers. But he had a big Week 17 fantasy-wise, and for most of us, the fantasy season ends with Week 16. Here were his ranks through Week 16 (where he had an even bigger game than in the season finale...and for most people who drafted Kamara with their 1st round pick, they probably weren't in the Finals because of Kamara not living up to expectations...meaning Week 16 was worthless to many Kamara owners just like Week 17). And just for the heck of it, here were his ranks through Week 15. I mention these ranks because by the time 2020 draft season comes around, there will be some people who only look at his final season ranks. And forget about how his disappointing 2019 was made a little less disappointing by his strong Weeks 16 & 17. That doesn't tell us how Kamara will do in 2020 of course. But I find it interesting that even though Kamara stood out as someone due for TD regression (after 18 TD's in 2018) AND then did regress in TD's, efficiency stats, and the eye test in 2019, early fantasy rankings have him as a Top 3--6 RB for 2020 again. From the high variance he has across fantasy formats, that's especially risky if you don't play in full PPR.
  13. One final thing while it's fresh in my head from the 2019 season... Calvin Ridley has played 29 career games. He's received 8 or more targets in 8 of 29 games (27.6%). He's had a good game in all 8 of those 8-target games (100%). If Atlanta does more of a concerted effort to get the ball to Ridley, look out.