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  1. As a Carson owner I think you have to stash and safe him as a handcuff. For me it’s the same conversation like with Pollard, Mattison or Gallman. Why shouldn’t be Penny NOT in this conversation?
  2. Exactly the thoughts I have and mentioned in another thread. I think nobody should blame you if you would drop him. Let’s say you need handcuffs for the playoff run (maybe as a Zeke, Barkley or Cook owner); I rather be safe with the handcuffs instead of Mack you maybe cannot play before week 15/16!
  3. To be honest; I don’t understand why we all so high on Mack. I have him in my roster as well and thinking about to drop him. His injury will take till week 15/16 to heel up I guess. His schedule is really tough at this point of the season and it seems that williams is doing a good job. Don’t forget Wilkins and Hines. To the top; will the Colts being in the playoff hunt at this point... there are so many varieties that I’m not sure if mack will be playable for fantasy.
  4. Do you not have a 2nd DST or a WR you can drop? I don't like to drop any of those guys for a kicker. The only one you could MAYBE drop is Howard. I'm not sure if he will be healthy in the upcoming weeks. For me it seems that his injury takes longer... why do the Eagles signed Ajayi ?!
  5. OK. Then I would play with Jones and Lindsay like I planned. And Chark as a flex. OMG, I love it!
  6. Cooper is a very risky play this week, in my opinion. He will be covered by Elite CBs and man, it's in NE. No thank you. Fingers crossed that the volume for Gurley will stay the same, or even be higher, like last game!
  7. It's very tough to say, but Tyrell is the safer option. He's getting targets and is able to do something. JuJu is boom or bust category with Rudolph behind center.
  8. How many RBs can you start? Jones because of his volume and Lindsay are my favorites.
  9. Hey guys, I'm one of the owner who's having Mack & DJ on the roster and now a little problem moving forward. My other RBs are Carson, Singletary, Miles Sanders and Jaylen Samuels. We past the trade deadline before Mack & DJ were injured... However... We're a 10 Team 0.5. PPR League (Re-Draft) and I'm not sure what I should do with the mentioned guys. The waiver wire is quiet empty; Some Names I can highlight are: RB: McCoy, R. Freeman, Breida, Cohen, Darrel Williams, and some Handcuffs like Pollard, Mattison, Gallman, Edwards, Penny WR: Beasley, Slayton, Conley, Gabriel, Westbrook, Shepard To be honest: There is not really something I would be excited about... maybe only the possibility to take a shot on the "high value" promised Handcuffs?!
  10. I’m a David Johnson owner and thinking about dropping him … I know it’s really tough. He was also my first pick in our 10 team league, 0.5 PPR Currently I’m benching him and with a look into the upcoming POs and his schedule, I don’t know if I can play him with confidence after his bye ... So my question is; Should I drop him for a handcuff with upside. For instance; Penny (I’m a Carson owner) Royce Freeman Tony Pollard Alexander Mattison All these guys are sitting on the waiver and I’m not sure if I should pick one of them, or if I hold DJ. Thank you in advance
  11. I think it depends on what you need to drop. If you can drop a 2nd DST or TE you could take a shot. But I’m a DJ owner and think about dropping him as well.