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  1. If you need a win I would do it as Gio is the only productive RB this week for the Bengals. please:
  2. You will get a big hit on RB! Your WR squad is good enough without MT but your RBs will be nothing without Hunt! Stay with Hunt!
  3. I have Robinson and Singletary on my team! My other players are:BradyJones, Jacobs, Montgomery, Gibson, SwiftCooper, Ridley, Hill, HollywoodFant, Andrews Any advice?
  4. I would stay with DJ and Godwin. I tried to get CMC as well, but the price is still to high. I think he will be back in Week 10 (that's what I've heard). At the beginning he will split carries with Davis I guess. CAR will not Risk the health of CMC with this contract! Then the bye in Week 13 (if that stays... you'll never know because of Covid) like you said. Thats risky business I like to avoid.
  5. I have Singletary and Marquise Brown on my bench. My other players are: Brady Jones, Jacobs, Montgomery, Gibson, Swift Cooper, Ridley, Hill, Robinson Fant, Andrews Now I'm in the situation that Tannehill is on the waiver and I really like him moving forward. BUT I also like the Matchup for Brady this Week. (More then Tannehill vs PIT) Would you Drop Singletary or Hollywood Brown to get Tannehill? Thanks in advance. Other opinions appreciated.
  6. If Fant is ready I will play him (have the same combination like you) If not I would switch to Hooper
  7. Would you rather have Tannehill or Brady ROS? I‘m a Brady owner but he disappointed me a few times. Time to move on? Not sure if I like to stream every week as I have to burn my waiver prio each week (we have a few streamer in our league)
  8. the fantasy world is driving crazy because of those guys who didn’t play any game the last year... Maybe Megatron is next on the list...
  9. I go with McLaurin without a question and Fuller over Drake.
  10. I like Herbert out of this group. Similar question from my site Please help: