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  1. Got: Zeke & T. Hill Gave: D. Swift & DJ Moore & Chris Godwin
  2. If Bills were droppped and you have the chance to free one roster spot, pick them up today as FA. Playing the Jets next week.
  3. Gave: CEH + D. Montgomery + DJ Chark Received: Godwin + Lockett + J. Taylor Happened before Bell signing to a RB needy team.
  4. Thanks mate. Yes, Ebron is. At the moment I don't see anybody droppable here but I will keep an eye on him. All other league mates are stocked as hell on the TE position, so I don't see any issues here.
  5. Easy answer: Take Saquon and watch him outperform CMC this year.
  6. I personally don't have any share of Ekeler and the Henry + Ekeler combo would be the last I would choose in first two rounds. But that's a personal opinion. Nevertheless, I like your team overall. You don't have players which I would draft based on the alternatives in each round, but I get what you have done and I think you can easily compete in a 12 team league with this team. I love Engram this year.
  7. I drafted Golladay, I love him this year and I think Gesicki is an "OK replacement" for Kelce. Your WR corps could definitely need help in my opinion. I would go for it. I personally love Kelce, but there are many mouth to feed with CEH joining and Golladay will be peppered with targets and goal line opportunities imho.
  8. Drafted yesterday 12 Team Full PPR 2 RB 2 WR 2 (W/R/T) #7 Pick How did I do? QB: Matthed Stafford (12) RB: Joe Mixon (1), Clyde Edwards-Helaire (2), David Montgomery (5) WR: Kenny Golladay (3), D.J. Moore (4), DJ Chark (6) TE: Tyler Higbee (9) K: None yet DEF: Indianapolis Colts (FA) Bench: Zack Moss (8), Latavius Murray (10), Alexander Mattison (11), A.J. Green (7), Brandon Aiyuk (13), Bryan Edwards (FA) What I personally like: Balance between WR and RB Good QB in the 12th Good handcuffs at RB pretty late What I don't like: David Montgomery was a bit of a reach but the rounds fell bad and I wanted a RB with high volume Tight End position was brutally emptied early. Waiver Wire is a wasteland already. I am not confident in Higbee producing good numbers What moves should I make? What do you guys think should be the next actions in developing further? How would you rate it overall? Thanks for your analysis.
  9. He's my WR3 after DJ Moore and Kenny. I personally don't like the pick still as I don't like WRs with one good year @ a garbage team, but the stats and projections simply look to great to pass on him in the 6th (!) round.
  10. I have a hard time drafting a Rookie RB in the 1st and Chubb in the second. Could definitely live with CEH and Mixon (now as contract is clarified). For me, still, MT/Adams/Julio + Mixon sounds safer to me.
  11. Having the 7th pick this year and I really hate it (12 team league PPR). Totally unsure this year on who to pick. I can't bring myself to picking a CEH, Henry, Jacobs type of player in this range. If it falls bad, Kamara, Cooks and Thomas are all gone. On the other side I hate to take a WR this year in the first round, but Adams/Julio/MT seem to be a much safer option for me than all the Tier 2 RB's. I guess I would only take a RB in the first if Cook or Kamara fall to me as I assume that Zeke, CMC, Barkley are all long gone.
  12. He would do elliott + adams + moore for my Bell + Godwin. I am still a bit scared due to injury of adams and bye that Bell already had but I might pull the trigger.
  13. Stay with Hopkins. Winston is a Bad QB but a good fantasy Player.