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  1. He would do elliott + adams + moore for my Bell + Godwin. I am still a bit scared due to injury of adams and bye that Bell already had but I might pull the trigger.
  2. Stay with Hopkins. Winston is a Bad QB but a good fantasy Player.
  3. Crazy Team, put whoever you want in Flex. I would choose lockett
  4. Drop Ekeler if you want Mixon. Only way. Or the other QB.
  5. My problem is that Bell already had his Bye Week and sees way more receptions than Elliott (Full PPR) league. That has to be taken into account in my opinion.
  6. I would go Chargers. I expect the Jets to be waaay better with Darnold under center. PIT without a real QB and no weapons will make it easy for the Chargers.
  7. Do it. Mixon > Juju und McLaurin is also very good. QB Keenum is back.
  8. Keep Barkley. We will be back next week and really be a difference maker. Hopkins isn't performing that better and you can find somebody else than Watson from a point based view. Stafford is also decent
  9. I would stay put. Godwin is on his peak imho, Evans will eat at some time. Gordon and Ekeler are safe bets in a good offense and Lockett looks very very nice out there this season.