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  1. Wasting his third timeout because he couldn’t decide whether to go for it on 4th down, THEN not converting the 4th down, was the best part.
  2. Confidence? I dropped him after that stinker last week. Confidence?
  3. How’d all that running work out for ya Frank? Congrats on all the rushing yards!! Yes, I started T.Y.
  4. Can we get some hype going? 8 targets, 4 grabs, 77 yards. Can you say league winner?
  5. You’re defending assault with a deadly weapon, but go off.
  6. Starting with confidence. I only need 45 points from him to win.
  7. Don't even get me started on the actual play itself. If you want to see a weak, effeminate, soft-as-sh*t player whose wife is probably being serviced on the side, take a look at the dainty, timid way Hekker reaches out instead of grittily, hungrily, ANGRILY balling out to seal that first down. This Rams team is just permeated with softness.
  8. If you actually watched the game, NO moved the ball AT WILL. The Rams could not run and could only sporadically pass. It was easy for NO to score. LA had to work for every point they got, including that ridiculous Malcolm Brown two-tap job. Sean McVay is the epitome of LA. Young, flashy, thinks he's the sh*t, hot-dogging it, and deciding to drop his n*ts on NO in their own building, instead of deciding to TAKE THE LEAD in a game that was tied. He didn't call the play because he was worried about it being a shootout; he called it because he literally thinks he's the sh*t. NO steadily built their defense over a number of years and they will be in the Super Bowl, if not win it all. They are a fearsome juggernaut. They should have been in the SB last year, if not for one blown coverage with the Diggs catch. And I'm a Patriots fan. LA is a flashy, great offensive team whose defense gets EXPOSED time and time again. They will beat the teams with inferior offenses and completely stall out against well-balanced teams like NO and others, as was EXACTLY PROVEN. That being said, Greg the Leg is still the man.
  9. It was a terrible call because Sean McVay thinks he's the hottest thing since sliced bread. He got his sh*t pushed in by a NO squad that actually HAS a defense, unlike the Rams' Swiss Cheese embarrassment of a joke they trot out there. Rams will be perennial jokes as long as that is their defense. NO used to be like them - high-powered offense with zero D. Then they wised up and got some playmakers on the other side of the ball. Now they'll be in the Super Bowl representing the NFC. That being said, Greg the Leg is still money. If you want to be angry, be angry he missed that 50-yarder. That would have taken his day from a very good to great.
  10. It's possible to say both that Hill's output is rewarding and exciting on those two monster weeks and disappointing and flaccid on those others - especially for a 2nd round pick, as he was for many people. I personally had been disappointed with his recent output and think that this game was largely an aberration considering they were bottling up Kelce. Doesn't mean I won't take it. But looking back, I would have rather drafted Thielen or Michael Thomas.
  11. Ekeler is so talented he has been busting TD's with his tiny touches. One of these games he won't and will put up pedestrian numbers, like 5 or 6 points.
  12. Any thoughts on his Sunday performance? Is his leg slipping a bit? 2 missed field goals is unacceptable, in my opinion.