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  1. Does anybody have any insight to his injury?
  2. Yeah I lied about the weather. The snow is already sticking to the ground. Not good
  3. Only a few people seem to get it but he’s going to regress because it’s unlikely Greg Roman isn’t a head coach next season. He is the genius begins this all. Lamar will still be great, but not to this level.
  4. Before Williams got hurt, it was pretty clear that Darrell was getting 60-70% of the shares and McCoy was getting the rest. You pretty much have to count on mccoy getting a goal line td for him to have any value at this point.
  5. I would not say Darwin was the garbage time guy...all the other starters were in there on offense. Most likely the chiefs wanted to see what they had in Darwin bc Darrell went down with a non contact injury and Darwin looked amazing. Mccoy is probably a flex play at best and Darwin might get the majority of the touches ROS. Darwin looked like what the chiefs run game has been missing. He looked explosive and had a ton of burst.
  6. So Andy really hates McCoy that much that hes giving the carries to Darwin now?
  7. He has a nice matchup for week Connor suppose to be out?
  8. This is a easy call. I would not play the raven D against the 49ers. You have a great matchup right in front of you with the panthers against the redskins. Pick them up and try to hold onto the ravens for week 15.
  9. The game at the 49ers is enough for me to drop him.