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  1. But what if you pick up Thielen and start him, he has a dud night, and Adams goes off in what would have been a league-winning night? You'd get chirped for taking the bait and picking up Thielen. Adams is the safer play due to volume. If you really wanted to go MIN WR, then start Diggs. But I'd leave Thielen where he is.
  2. Thanks! I looked at it a bit more and unless I got a massive performance out of the KC D (i.e. multiple defensive touchdowns) I basically had no shot with Miller in unless Trubisky got hurt or Miller had a massive running play. So I benched him for a Monday start. Still not looking good, but at least I've got a possible shot if I get a 100+ yard, 2 TD+ night out of someone like Lazard. Thanks for the help regardless!
  3. Down 25.02 in half-PPR. Flex (W/R/T) slot left on my side, his side is done. The following players are taken/available. Taken Adams A. Jones J. Williams Diggs Thielen Cook Mattison Boone Available Lazard Allison MVS Kumerow Graham O. Johnson Abdullah Rudolph etc. Not looking great, but who's got the best shot here at putting up a big night? (6 catches, 101 yards, 2 TDs would be a theoretical winning line).
  4. If you're basically wondering whether it would be cheap or not to bench him, then no it's not cheap. No issue with making a strategic sit. If kickers can get negative points, I'd put him on your bench.
  5. In a situation where I basically need Miller to get 15 more points than Trubisky. I don't really see how that's realistically possible where Trubisky is the one throwing him the ball. Made a last minute decision to sit him for a Monday night play (Lazard for now, but I have other options as well). Either way, not looking good.
  6. What are thoughts on guys like Ware or Robinson in this matchup in a hail mary? In a situation where I'm playing catchup in a matchup where I have Miller and he has Trubisky and don't know whether I've got to swap Miller out or not.
  7. I benched Bell for Boone earlier. Not sure who you have left to play in your lineup when all but 4 games have already been played.
  8. Not looking good. Half-PPR and this is what's left. Down 37. Me: Anthony Miller (projected: 11.24) Harrison Butker (projected: 8.65) Kansas City Chiefs (projected: 8.38) Him: Mitch Trubisky (projected: 17.77) Biggest problem is my only real upside play is Miller, and basically every play he catches in on Trubisky will as well. So I'm really debating on whether to keep Miller in my lineup, or to go with another hail mary. Here are my other options: KC WRs excluding Hill and Watkins (Robinson, Hardman) GB WRs excluding Adams (Lazard, Allison) MIN WRs excluding Diggs and Thielen (O. Johnson) KC RBs excluding Williams, Williams, Thompson, McCoy (Ware) MIN RBs excluding Cook, Mattison, Boone (Abdullah, Ham) Doesn't look good regardless, but I'd still like to give myself a shot here and not really sure whether I should be making a switch here or not.
  9. Here's a quick list of some of the one or two week wonders: TJ Hockenson (week 1) Delanie Walker (week 1) Malcolm Brown (week 1) John Ross (week 1, week 2) Demarcus Robinson (week 2) Vance McDonald (week 2) Nelson Agholor (week 2, week 3) Taylor Gabriel (week 3) Jordan Akins (week 3) Paul Richardson (week 3) Marquez Valdes-Scantling (week 3, week 7) Wayne Gallman (week 4) Corey Davis (week 4, week 7) Byron Pringle (week 5) Jaron Brown (week 6) Allan Lazard (week 6, week 13) Alex Erickson (week 7, week 8.) Andy Isabella (week 9) Jacob Hollister (week 9, week 10) Jakeem Grant (week 11) Gus Edwards (week 11) Ross Dwelley (week 11) Jonathan Williams (week 11, week 12) Derrius Guice (week 11, week 13) Marcus Johnson (week 11, week 14) Boston Scott (week 14, week 15) Olamide Zaccheaus (week 14) Mike Boone (week 15) Greg Ward (week 15) Wes Hills (week 15)
  10. 12 team, Superflex, Half-PPR, Championship matchup 8/16 drafted (50%) 6/10 in starting lineup (60%, Wilson, Gallup, Barkley, Kamara, Ertz, Butker) - Non drafted starters = Tannehill, Metcalf, A. Miller, KC Chiefs 2/6 on bench (33%, R. Anderson, Hyde)12 team, Half-PPR, 3rd place matchup 7/16 drafted (44%) 5/9 in starting lineup (56%, Wentz, Cooper, Kamara, Gurley, Waller) - Non drafted starters = McLaurin, Perriman, Boone, SEA Seahawks 2/7 on bench (29%, Bell, Crowder) 12 team, Superflex, Half PPR, 3rd place matchup 9/15 drafted (60%) 8/11 in starting lineup (73%, Wilson, Prescott, Gallup, Golladay, McCaffrey, Gordon, Ertz, Kirk) - Non drafted starters = K. Allen (trade), Butker, SEA Seahawks 1/4 on bench (25%, D. Cook)
  11. One thing to probably look at as well would be the percentage of projected points from drafted players in your starting lineup vs non-drafted players. I would say that a lot of rosters probably have a decent amount of turnover, but a lot of these pickups are probably just filling the bottom half the their rosters / bench slots. The top players were likely drafted in most cases.
  12. 12 team, Superflex, Half-PPR, Championship matchup QB - Wilson WR - Gallup WR - Metcalf RB - Barkley RB - Kamara TE - Ertz W/R/T - A. Miller Q/W/R/T - Tannehill K - Butker DST - KC Chiefs 12 team, Half-PPR, 3rd place matchup QB - Wentz WR - Cooper WR - McLaurin WR - Perriman RB - Kamara RB - Gurley TE - Waller W/R/T - Boone DST - SEA Seahawks *Note: Currently sitting Bell, but could change my mind 12 team, Superflex, Half PPR, 3rd place matchup QB - Wilson WR - K. Allen WR - Golladay WR - Gallup RB - McCaffrey RB - Gordon TE - Ertz W/R/T - D. Cook or Kirk Q/W/R/T - Prescott K - Butker DST - SEA Seahawks
  13. Wow, this is really ironic. I came into this thread to post something, this was literally the first post I read, and it happens to be pretty much the same thing that happened to me. Top team all season on paper (also had most points and best record) and lost by 1.56. To add insult to injury, had the first Brees record-breaking TD not been called back due to a chintzy OPI call, I would have won. He had Kamara and Lutz, and after the play was called back there was a pass to Kamara for 7 yards (half-PPR), followed by a Lutz field goal. So what likely would have been 1 point turned into 4.2.
  14. Total points is the first tiebreaker. Wild card In Fantasy Football: Total fantasy points (season total). Fantasy points scored in the most recently completed matchup. Fantasy points scored in the matchup two weeks prior (this continues until the tie is broken).
  15. Recap Pick 'em I went 11-3. The bookmakers were 10-4. So I did slightly better.Spread Pretty good week. I was 6-3 on bets and "don't minds". 1-1 on high bets, 2-0 medium, 1-1 low, and 2-1 don't minds. Also going to mention that I was 5-0 on the "completely avoids", but obviously didn't have the confidence here. So overall I would have also been 11-3 on all spreads. I probably should be trusting my "completely avoids" more based on the last couple week results.