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  1. Minny killing clock up by 3, yeah this isnt gonna bite them in the a**
  2. Yeah its racism buddy, youre absolutely right πŸ™„
  3. They keep saying he can play through this injury, but twice now theyve insta-ruled him out the minute he got an ouchie. What a friggin mess this is.
  4. Lol your pitt avatar prob has nothing to do with your answer im sure.
  5. This turd stays seated for me until he can get a full game under his belt. If he blows up on my bench, so be it.
  6. Buddy look, your argument MIGHT hold water if it was anybody other than the guy who sat out a whole season to protect his body. Face it, if bell had half the heart jacobs did, he’d be an all time great, instead his corpse rotting on the Jets.
  7. Im pretty sure i was comparing their mentality, but nice reach. Shows which side of the equation youre on.
  8. Even though mixon has done well last few weeks, prob starting this guy over him. Cant picture him doing anything against an angry NE D.
  9. I have nothing to add to this convo except the fact that he was in tears cuz he couldnt play, now compare that to someone who calls in sick to go bowling... how can you not root for this kid?!
  10. 1st and goal from the 2, so naturally they go with a no back spread formation, 8 yard sack. And they wonder why theyre 1-11. Easily dumbest coaching staff in the league, hands down.
  11. Yeah he talks with a lot of bravado for someone who doesn’t seem to have a very high pain tolerance