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  1. Lmao, cool your jets, it's a small sample size, and with his piss poor attitude, I see his career trajectory taking the same path as OBJ in a few years.
  2. I have no argument as to why I think he's an WR1? Maybe cuz he's the WR6 on the year, that's my argument lol. and 3 out of 6 duds is being a little disingenuous. He barely played the first 2 games... he's produced 3 out of 4 games he's been featured. I'll see you at the end of the year when he's a top 12 receiver, we can circle back, while you still have JuJu penciled in your lineup.
  3. Please name 29 other receivers you would start over JJ? 30... lmao. I get you missed out on him, but let's be a little bit reasonable here.
  4. Justin jefferson, but im not happy about that either
  5. There's going to be a lot of tears in this thread in the coming weeks.
  6. Its easy to blame gase, but bell is cooked, buy low on CEH if u can
  7. Apparently BJ Penn ran into Bell at LV airport, sayanora jacobs.
  8. Pretty sure you just answered your own question if he's on Berry's hate list.
  9. This ajs guy seems to have a really irrational hatred for kyle allen lol
  10. Why dude go from Q to O in yahoo... dont see anything online
  11. They run screens for their jag backup rb, but not ceh... mind boggling