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  1. Mack Williams (like that better without the comma) and diggs for me as well
  2. Personally, I'd go with Coleman. Ravens do have a bit of a committee, but the Ravens are going run first, and Gus has back to back 100 yard games for a team that hasn't had that this season. I think they're infatuated with the guy. He'll get his. He's been more impressive than Coleman has been, plus the ROS schedule for Gus is nice
  3. Beginning of this week, this decision was so easy: Golladay. Now that Mack's for sure playing and Ware is now the feature back, Golladay doesn't seem like a sure thing...do I have to roll with Ware in this cake matchup? Standard scoring. Here's the lineup I'm thinking: WR: Adams, Hilton RB: Chubb, Brieda FLEX: Ware TE: Henderon Bench: White, Everett, Golladay, Graham (probably going to drop for Malcom Brown), Fournette IR: Watkins
  4. I like the upside of Winston more, but the benching nonsense in TB has got me more then a little scared (I have Winston...not happy at the thought of an in-game benching). Rivers is the safer play.
  5. I think I'd go with Ekler and Golladay. Ekler should get a great amount of work against a mediocre defense. Golladay is the top WR in a game they should be trailing wire-to-wire. Don't think Ingram will get much going against the Dallas d, see NO using kamara more.
  6. I'd go with Thompson as well, banking on him playing. If he is indeed out, then Hines. He's attached to the best offense of the options (this is of course if Mack is out). Then Blount for that goalline work.
  7. I'd take brate, he's on an offense that can reliably score (cook....not so much). If you think either one would make it through waivers, then I'd wait in the hopes your 2 become 1. Think that could prove more valuable then either one of those TEs
  8. Who do you have in a standard scoring league (2RBs+1Flex)? Brieda, Chubb, White, Golladay, Watkins (assuming he's active) Mack (assuming he's active) If Mack and Watkins are out, are your three picks the same? Much appreciated
  9. 1&3: How competitive is this league? Of the 4 you mentioned, Coutee has the highest chance to clear in my opinion. If it is at all competitive, the other three won't clear...maybe even all four. If he does, yeah, I'd drop Cooper for him. Cooper is a bum. You are set at RB so I don't think you need to burn your #1 on Adams or Gus. I guess you could use it on Reynolds, but youre not hurting at WR either. I might sit on it. 2: Butker's missed PATs lately is a little concerning, but so is Bryant's hamstring this season. If you do pick up bryant, you could probably drop butker, Thanks for the help with mine
  10. Try to go with Luck for Cousins straight-up. If he doesn't go for it, then I would go for the original trade. Lockett is on a run heavy team, but Sanders is playing with an ineffective QB. They're even in my eyes. Thanks for the help with mine
  11. I need to replace Fitzpatrick and Jimmy Graham, and I have the #1 claim to do it with. Should I burn it on Winston (this is a 2 QB league, so there is no one left on ww) or Brate (OJ Howard just got placed on IR)? The rest of the WW is just flotsam: QB: Carr, Jackson, Mullens, McCoy, Keenum, Tannehill TE: Jonnu, Vance, Rudolph, Uzomah, Herndon, RSJ I'm not in as dire straights at WR (Adams, Hilton, Golladay) or RB (Fournette, Chubb, White, Brieda, Mack) and I need to win out to have any shot of making the playoffs. Your help is appreciated! Will help in return, just leave a link
  12. It definitely helps you RBs and you have a deep WR bench left after this trade. Good upside with DJ, things look to be turning around for him. Could see Allen having a good ROS, but I like DJ a little more.
  13. I think I would go with Boyd here. I feel he has the safest floor given his role with Green out. Don't know if I could trust Brown this week with the QB situation in Baltimore right now. Don't like Miller's matchup
  14. I think I would go with JuJu. Both are great plays, but for some reason I trust the matchup against the jags more the the pack against the seahawks. Thanks for the help with mine
  15. I'd go Chubb here as well. Jones looks great, but there's always the possibility looming that Mike McCarthy botches things up somehow. I trust the player, not the coach unfortunately. Thanks for the help with mine