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  1. I would do Sutton Kupp Carson Fournette Chark Geisicki Denver
  2. I would go for Rudolph and Ryan, personally.
  3. Tough because the Bears running game has been uninspiring and Marvin doesn't have Stafford. I would roll with Marvin anyway because the backup played fine vs the Bears last week and the Vikings defense has been uninspiring to say the least.
  4. I've got a luxury of depth at the moment but I'm not sure who to start in my flex? Half PPR Jeffery (Currently in my flex) : Home vs Giants Ridley: Home vs Panthers Hunt (I have Chubb): Home vs Bengals Beasley: Home vs Ravens
  5. Sammy Watkins and Tarik Cohen for Nick Chubb to the Tyreek owner after week 1. James Conner and Robert Woods for Davante Adams week 9.
  6. Has to be CMC. Despite Lamar's amazing season I'd imagine more winning teams are going to have CMC on them rather than Lamar.
  7. Mahomes and Allen to not get above 36.2 half ppr. If they don’t I’m guaranteed playoffs.
  8. Vikings! Wow what a game. My stress towards the end there was through the roof.
  9. I'm not really buying the take the ball out of Baker's hand argument. He rushed 27 times last night. Chubb hasn't rushed for less than 16 attempts and has rushed 20 times at least 7/10 games. Its more about this line IMO and game script. Last night us owners got unlucky with the QB sneak on the one and then the throw to Landry on another short play. 92 yards against that Steelers defense is awesome it's just unlucky how the game turned out. As for Hunt, it seems like they are comfortable involving them both so I am not too concerned. Fortunately I have them both though. Let's not forget the juicy playoff schedule.
  10. I would do it, as long as Hooper is coming back at some point.