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  1. I prefer Michel in the long run especially if you have depth at RB and can take the risk.
  2. I would go with Kerryon, especially if Riddick is out which seems likely.
  3. I'm in a 10 team, .5 ppr league. I would trade Emmanuel Sanders and CMC for David Johnson and AJG. The rest of my roster is: QB: Cam RB: Kamara, Ingram, CMC, Kerryon, Coleman WR: Juju, Diggs, Sanders, Jeffrey, Golladay TE: Ebron
  4. Trade Julio and Ajayi for Bell and don't look back.
  5. Hyde is actually quite consistent. Take the deal.
  6. I recognize it's a gamble, but I have depth at WR to take the chance. I know what I'll get out of Hilton, and it's not consistent. Also, I watched Hundley quite a lot while he was at UCLA and I'm confident in his ability, though I fully recognize that Jordy will take a dip in value.
  7. FWIW, if you are trying to gauge TY's value, I traded him for Jordy.
  8. I'm not sure if the Howard owner would go for that but it's worth a shot. I think now is the time to sell Murray/Henry after their good game, but I feel like it needs to be as part of a package and I don't know if adding a WR like Matthews or Sanu will move the needle. Send out offers though and see who bites.
  9. I think you can drop Parker. thanks for the help on mine.
  10. Appreciate the advice, y'all. I am leaning Jordy just because I think he'll have a safer floor than TY. But there's more uncertainty with Jordy's QB situation whereas we know how TY has performed with Brissett.
  11. Which WR do you like ROS, particularly with the news about Luck today? I can get Jordy for TY if I want to.
  12. I'd drop Thompson or Kamara for John Brown
  13. Buck Allen in my view. Maaaaybe Howard but I like Allen in all scenarios.