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  1. if still looking.. Jimverburg7@gmail.com would like to see other team names before selecting one.
  2. I’m looking for a salary cap league with multi-year contract options. I’d be interested in looking over the league rules and seeing if this is a good fit. Jimverburg7@gmail.com
  3. I’m interested, and ready! HMU if you still need someone. jimverburg7@gmail.com
  4. I’m interested if there would be a Dispersal Draft amongst the 6 new owners. Jimverburg7@gmail.com
  5. Active owner looking to join a new Dynasty cap league. Prefer one hosted on Fantrax, but I’m flexible. Ive been in some salary cap leagues in various sports, but usually end up taking over an established team and it’s just not the same as building your own Some criteria; 1. Use real team names. Can be college, AHL, NHL. Makes the league feel more professional. 2. 1 Goalie start. 3. Minimum of 20 teams in the league. If this is your league, I’d love to chat and see if it’s mutually a good fit. jimverburg7@gmail.com
  6. This sounds like the kind of league I’d love to be in if you have any openings. jimverburg7@gmail.com
  7. I’m interested in learning more. What’s the cost? jimverburg7@gmail.com
  8. I should add that the hitting categories are H, HR, RBI, R, SB
  9. 1. Mixed league. 12 teams. 2. Straight draft, based on standings from previous season. I have the 9th pick each round. 3. Roto scoring. Weekly lineup changes. Categories for pitchers - Sv, K, W, ERA 4. Keeper League. Each team keeps 4 players. There is no limit to the amount of times you can keep a player. 5. 25 man roster. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OFx3, UT, Px4 6. My current keepers are: Freddie Freeman, Alex Bregman, J.D. Martinez, Corey Kluber 7. Players on my team I'd considered keeping but I'm not due to space: Gary Sanchez, Jorge Alfaro, Brian Dozier, Chris Taylor, Paul DeJong, A.J. Pollock, Jake Arrieta, Trevor Bauer The trade is this. I would give up Kluber and Bauer in exchange for a teams 3rd round pick and Luis Severino. I am already dropping Bauer, so it is basically Kluber for Severino and a 3rd. I have the 9th pick in the draft and the team I'm trading with has the 11th. I would probably do this without much hesitation if not for the recent news on Severino. Appreciate any advice. If anyone thinks I'm missing a better keeper lineup, please feel free to weigh in on that as well. Thanks!
  10. I’m interested. Especially if you did move to Fantrax. Would there be any minors spots on teams? jimverburg7@gmail.com
  11. I’ve neglected the 1B spot on my roster for most of our startup draft (with the exception of Miguel Cabrera who I plan to use at UTIL). I’m looking for a good late round sleeper to platoon with Miggy, as well as a prospect I can stash on my minors team. Top available according to my list are: Smoak, Tyler White, Jose Martinez, Yonder Alonso, Yuli Gurriel, CJ Cron, Jay Bruce, Goodrum, Justin Bour, Ryan O’Hearn Welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
  12. Putting together a 24 team, for-fun, fantasy league on Fantrax. This is a Best Ball League, so it’s a draft and watch set up. The inspiration for this league came while participating in a slow draft and wishing I had a second draft to keep my eye on. Your team will be modeled after a NCAA baseball team, and we will be divided into 4 divisions. During the season, teams will only play games within their division, and at the end, the 4 Division Champs will compete in a playoff to determine the World Champ. Entry fee is $10, which covers the Fantrax premium fee, and prizes. $70 for Champ, $30 for the other 3 Division Champs. If you are interested, email me and I’ll get you all the info on the set up. jimverburg7@gmail.com