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  1. Anybody streaming OAK against the Jets? Or is that a bad idea?
  2. I'm dropping this week if there is no solid indication he's playing, which I highly doubt there will be. I'm tired of holding.
  3. In the same position. Chargers secondary is beat up though so that's an uplifting fact.
  4. Less than 32 points between Dak and Cooper. I'd be cool with them just giving it to Zeke the whole game. No passes.
  5. I don't have the game, I got on the Herndon train when he was declared active. 0 points. What's his deal, is he in for snaps, or is he sitting most snaps?
  6. I'm rolling him over Brady this week. YOLO.
  7. I'm streaming CAR this week. I think the matchup seems fairly juicy, compared to what was left in my league anyway.
  8. I can tell you right now, I've been holding him this long, I'm starting him regardless when he returns. There will be no question.
  9. What do you guys think about HOU? They're playing at home vs. ATL who is looking like a dumpster fire right now.
  10. I need to pick up Herndon, my TE situation is horrid. Who from this list should I drop? A. Peterson C. Davis C. Thompson
  11. TEN defense has netted me 1.63 points. Never again. Them, and Corey Davis are getting rage dropped.
  12. I picked up TEN defense for this week. Boy what a mistake that was.
  13. Are the Vikings DST worth keeping? TB and TEN are both available and I'm wanting to pick one of them up, but wondering if I should drop one of my players or the Vikings DST. Droppable players are: C. Davis, A Peterson or C. Thompson
  14. Thanks for helping with mine. I'm not crazy about any of those WW options. Thompson being the most intriguing but still not enough to drop JJ if it were me. Hold tight.
  15. I'd be getting Johnson. I'd be a fool to take that, right? If so, maybe help me counter? Or advise if I should stay put. Team: QB Brady/Carr RB Gurley, Jacobs, Mixon, A Peterson, C Thompson WR Watkins, Edelman, AJ Green, C Davis, Scary Terry. His: WR Sutton, Kupp, Hill, Robinson RB Kamara, Freeman, Hyde, Johnson, D Henry
  16. I hate to say this but I agree. After his two fumbles last week, I see him getting less work. Which I hate because I could've used him this week but I don't even trust him enough to start with over half my team on a bye. I'll see what he does this week, but if my prediction is right, it's drop city.
  17. Anybody have him fired up for this week? Or am I the only idiot that's still holding onto this bum? I'm debating dropping him for T. Benjamin. ETA: Nevermind, Benjamin is against JAX. I'm F****d.
  18. Thanks for the help with mine! Shepard, Hilton, Sanu.
  19. Thanks for helping with mine. I agree with the poster above, he would be getting a less reliable RB in return so his RB core would be taking a hit. On the other hand, I agree with you that he is weak at WR so that may entice him to bite. Tate/Coleman is worth a shot.
  20. My Hunt for his K Allen/Ajayi My team: RB: Hunt, McCoy, D Lewis, Rawls, Abdullah WR: Baldwin, Jeffrey, T Hill, Cobb My gut is a no, but want to get some outside input. .5 PPR