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  1. I see there are still bag holders here!!! At this point I agree, you should just hang on and hope for the following: More snaps More carries More targets The offense being in the redzone more than 2x per game One of those has to happen, and he'll surely become a "Mini-Beast" right?
  2. Last week this thread had 6+ pages yapping about him being an RB1.... This week.....crickets!!!
  3. Where are all the trash bag holders? Just wondering what the excuses are. LOL
  4. A very reasonable and valid response. I can agree with that.... Let's see if he pulls an AP from Week 6 to 7
  5. Can't wait to see you all start this trash bag next week and come up w/ excuses! Too bad you all missed out on his best game of the year. At least you guys got a "Great Value" trash bag.
  6. I don't have a job. I smoke weed, play poker, and live off my inheritance. But you must be great at giving pro-tips. Keep on pointing out things you don't understand very well, and I'll keep on enlightening you. Sparky.
  7. I guess you don't see the irony as clearly as more intelligent people do. He is a "trash bag" that is "great value" to those that buy it. Even though the buyers are sold a "Great Value" on the box, its still a.....TRASH BAG!!!! Thanks for the pro tip though. Btw....Terrance West is STILL a GREAT VALUE trash bag!
  8. are a troll rooting for another troll. Makes sense.
  9. Where can I find Leanord Fournette's metrics? Please point me in the direction....
  10. Anyone that thinks Derrick Henry is better than Fournette smokes just as much weed as I do, except has a much lower tolerance. One is Brandon Jacobs....the other one isn't. All responses by "Derrick Henry's Cleats" will be ignored due to his bias in this thread.
  11. The only people who should be owning this trash bag right now are Alex Collins owner. But he is a pretty big trash bag himself too. This whole backfield is a box of trash bags.
  12. I should have said "Cohen isn't being used enough." or "Cohen is being underused." 10 touches isn't enough for Cohen. 12 isn't enough for McCaffrey. Also, I think Cohen is built to handle a more traditional "RB" load than McCaffrey.
  13. I'm pretty sure Spanker is trolling Clement owner's w/ the "one week rental *smiley face*" comment.