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  1. I see there are still bag holders here!!! At this point I agree, you should just hang on and hope for the following: More snaps More carries More targets The offense being in the redzone more than 2x per game One of those has to happen, and he'll surely become a "Mini-Beast" right?
  2. Last week this thread had 6+ pages yapping about him being an RB1.... This week.....crickets!!!
  3. Where are all the trash bag holders? Just wondering what the excuses are. LOL
  4. A very reasonable and valid response. I can agree with that.... Let's see if he pulls an AP from Week 6 to 7
  5. Can't wait to see you all start this trash bag next week and come up w/ excuses! Too bad you all missed out on his best game of the year. At least you guys got a "Great Value" trash bag.
  6. I don't have a job. I smoke weed, play poker, and live off my inheritance. But you must be great at giving pro-tips. Keep on pointing out things you don't understand very well, and I'll keep on enlightening you. Sparky.
  7. I guess you don't see the irony as clearly as more intelligent people do. He is a "trash bag" that is "great value" to those that buy it. Even though the buyers are sold a "Great Value" on the box, its still a.....TRASH BAG!!!! Thanks for the pro tip though. Btw....Terrance West is STILL a GREAT VALUE trash bag!
  8. are a troll rooting for another troll. Makes sense.
  9. Where can I find Leanord Fournette's metrics? Please point me in the direction....
  10. Anyone that thinks Derrick Henry is better than Fournette smokes just as much weed as I do, except has a much lower tolerance. One is Brandon Jacobs....the other one isn't. All responses by "Derrick Henry's Cleats" will be ignored due to his bias in this thread.
  11. The only people who should be owning this trash bag right now are Alex Collins owner. But he is a pretty big trash bag himself too. This whole backfield is a box of trash bags.
  12. I should have said "Cohen isn't being used enough." or "Cohen is being underused." 10 touches isn't enough for Cohen. 12 isn't enough for McCaffrey. Also, I think Cohen is built to handle a more traditional "RB" load than McCaffrey.
  13. I'm pretty sure Spanker is trolling Clement owner's w/ the "one week rental *smiley face*" comment.
  14. That is exactly what I did 2 weeks ago. While everyone was spending up on Smalls, I got Clement for nil. The Cincinnati Shuffle?
  15. Considering the fact that Smallwood isn't playing, and the rental was given 3 of the most important carries in the 4th quarter last week, yes I'm ALL IN. For this week only.
  16. Bell, Zeke, Hunt, Gurley, McCoy, Freeman, Fournette, Gordon, Hyde, Martin. Every other back has some sort of question mark (injury concerns excluded). Martin is top 10 rest of the way, barring injury of course.
  17. I don't trust him neither. I may put Corey Clement out there instead of Tarik or Howard for that reason. But Cohen's talent is undeniable, and I'm sure Fox has heard grumblings around the organization that he needs to start using his talent ASAP. I doubt the move to go to Trubisky was a "100% Fox decision."
  18. Maybe.....but Tarik wasn't there last year. Howard's only competition was Kadeem Carey I believe? If Howard puts cement on the job again this year against MIN, I would be more than surprised.
  19. Anyone who had the foresight to reach for Martin 5th rd is reaping the rewards of being absolutely brilliant. To all those poo-pooing, I get it, its only been one game. But if you watched the game, and didn't come away impressed, you should just stick to the box scores.
  20. Starting Tarik over Howard in PPR. not thinking twice. If Cohen doesn't get touches this week, the #firejohnfox train will start choo-chooing in Chicago.
  21. His draft profile makes him sound like a beast. OVERVIEW Despite being ranked as the top dual-threat quarterback in the country by one recruiting service, Trubisky had to bide his time before getting on the field for the Tar Heels. Marquise Williams took the helm for four years in Chapel Hill, relegating the Mr. Ohio Football to a reserve role (82 of 125 for 1,014 yards, 11 touchdowns, five interceptions in 2014-2015). Trubisky had a breakout 2016 season, but only received third-team All-ACC honors because of the presence of the top two Heisman Trophy vote-getters (Louisville's Lamar Jackson and Clemson's Deshaun Watson). He ranked fifth in the country with a 68.0 completion percentage, threw 30 touchdowns against just six picks, and averaged 288 passing yards per contest. The dual-threat part of his game also came out in 2016, as he ran for 308 yards (net of lost sack yardage) and five scores. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Adequate height with good muscular definition. Built to withstand physical challenges of the position. Calm field general. Very good pocket mobility. Can slide around circumference of the pocket without having to drop his eyes from their task. When he leaves the pocket, looks to challenge with his arm before defaulting to his feet. Always in ready-to-rip throwing posture. Delivery is crisp and efficient. Locates safeties and reads their intentions immediately after the snap. Quick through his progressions and will double back to targets if his protection allows him time. Pocket mechanics and throwing motion are solid. Tough and competitive. Shows courage and poise in the pocket. Throws passes from balanced platforms and rarely defaults to an off-balance throw unnecessarily. Has all the arm you need. NFL call sheets will be wide open with Trubisky at the helm. Can dial up deep field-side outs with accuracy. Ball comes humming out of his hand when he needs to spike his velocity. Arm talent to whip a catchable throw from difficult angles to targets outside the numbers. Makes the standard "pitch and catch" throws with consistent accuracy. Ball usually comes out on time. His 62.1 completion percentage on intermediate throws easily outpaces the top quarterbacks in this draft. Possesses get-away quickness to avoid sudden pressure from a-gap blitzers with the speed to damage the defensive cause once he leaves the pocket. WEAKNESSES Almost 98 percent of his dropbacks came from shotgun. Will have to learn NFL footwork from under center which could take time. Benefits from offense loaded with RPOs (run-pass option) that pull linebackers forward and open easier throwing windows. Played in space-based passing attack that didn't often ask him to throw to tight windows in traffic. Arm slot will drop way down causing batted balls at line of scrimmage. Too willing to float balls rather than air-mailing them out of bounds when he's making a bail-out throw against pressure. Needs better drive accuracy between the hashes. Has a tendency to leave throws in hip pocket of moving targets. Inconsistent deep ball touch. Has touchdown opportunities he babies and invites defenders time to recover. Not always pocket aware. Hyper-focuses on shifting parts down the field and can be late to feel pressure collapsing the edges. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 1 SOURCES TELL US "There are times he looks like another Carson Wentz and then there are times he looks like Blaine Gabbert. He has starting qualities and he'll go early, but he better get better at seeing blitzes and throwing hot or he'll get eaten alive by the exotic packages they are throwing at quarterbacks these days." -- Area scout for AFC team NFL COMPARISON Matthew Stafford BOTTOM LINE Trubisky is a high-end quarterback prospect who possesses NFL size, a big arm and the ability to throw with accuracy from the pocket or on the move. Despite playing in a spread-based offense, he's a full-field reader who does a very good job of getting an early read on the safeties before crafting his course of action. Trubisky will have to become much more pocket aware and do a better job of recognizing and attacking blitzes to back NFL defensive coordinators off. He hasn't put all the pieces together yet, but the puzzle is all right in front. Trubisky projects as a good starting quarterback with a high floor and the potential to be great.