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  1. ive got Hyde Coleman and freeman I'm hoping I can live with them. Hyde is quite underrated and hated on for no reason
  2. Our true enemy has yet to reveal himself !!
  3. what planet are you living on theres 25 rbs better than Devonta ? Please he's gonna be fine
  4. that's true indys pass defense is pretty tough
  5. yeah I wasn't watching but following on my phone it seemed that way
  6. Cleveland had the ball felt like for the entire second half
  7. You guys are actually worried about gordon ? He sucks
  8. don't worry about Gordon dude the guys been a disappointment for like six years now
  9. Gordon stinks I'm not worried about that has been
  10. I say six for 60 and a score how do you like that
  11. Highway robbery lmao why would anyone trade kamara
  12. Well Coleman disappointed big time and Breida did a lot more than I expected guess I can live with it
  13. Holding call screwed him out of a score it happens. Thursday night games are the worst
  14. I have several bye weeks my other flex options are Demaryius Thomas and Anthony Miller. I'll go with Breida over those