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  1. So somebody in my league dropped this guy. I haven’t really been following, but is he worth picking up in a 10 team, points league?
  2. What about Eric Pascall?! I definitely think he’s a pickup after all these trades.
  3. I think you have to pick him up with all the opportunity ahead of him ROS.
  4. We’ll see how well that holds up. Casey is garbage!!
  5. It sucks Drummond won’t get traded. I was really hoping for this man to get unleashed!! 😔
  6. Is Drummond going to get traded for sure or are they going to be stuck with another Kemba situation? Wood looks good given the minutes for sure. Might hold through the deadline
  7. I don’t know why everybody is freaking out over Kyrie coming back. Dinwiddie will obviously take a hit, but he’s still very serviceable and especially roster-able in 10 team leagues. Plus I don’t buy the notion that Kyrie will play out the rest of the season. He wants to play with KD so bad I’m sure they will sit him down the line.
  8. Not really lol. Especially when you had the chance to scoop Napier instead. It’s one game but kinda regretting the decision going with the rookie over Napier. I guess KAT really has a lot to say in the way Culver’s value goes.
  9. That players get hyped way too much on roto. These hyped up players literally last a week and they're back on the wire. Kerr's word don't mean anything. A coach will say anything to the media. Looks like WCS is relevant again, and Paschall looks like a better add imo.
  10. I think culver is the priority add in this case. Young rookie to develop
  11. I think Culver is the priority add over Nappier here
  12. Its only a matter of time. He's been starting at the C position last few games. I think I heard he needs 5 consecutive starts at the position before they add it.