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  1. That players get hyped way too much on roto. These hyped up players literally last a week and they're back on the wire. Kerr's word don't mean anything. A coach will say anything to the media. Looks like WCS is relevant again, and Paschall looks like a better add imo.
  2. I think culver is the priority add in this case. Young rookie to develop
  3. I think Culver is the priority add over Nappier here
  4. Its only a matter of time. He's been starting at the C position last few games. I think I heard he needs 5 consecutive starts at the position before they add it.
  5. Dropped for Spellman. I am lucky nobody else picked him up! I love WCS but he is not getting enough opportunity anymore & Kerr seems to love Spellman.
  6. Wow so should WCS be a drop in this situation? I feel like Kerr is gonna play this kid more bc of the way he can space the floor and hit the 3.... might be future starting C of the Warriors.
  7. I will more than likely win this week so I’m gonna hold him through a few more games to see if this was just an outlier. WCS just had a double double and the game before that had a solid 8/9/5/2/1 line. So he hasn’t been terrible but I’m worried he loses significant minutes. Especially with how unpredictable Kerr has been this year. He won’t sustain good enough value to roster with 16 minutes a game. Injuries are hitting me team hard right now though, so if he gives me a few duds he’s gone.
  8. How are you guys feeling about WCS? Looks like Omari Spellman might really eat the bulk of the minutes as the warriors keep tanking. Not sure what to do with this guy.
  9. Lol exactly he’s droppable yet unstoppable. Everybody is still holding on to that glimmer of hope that he can actually return at least top 100 value, even tho we all know that won’t happen anyway. My wire is a bit bleak so I’ll just have to live with this bum. Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs. Very expendable with how good Isaac is, compared to him. Such a shame he can’t even step up in his absence.
  10. We don’t speak evil in this forum 😫😫😫
  11. I love the heart this kid plays with. He was trying to square up with Jimmy B! I dropped him early in the year due to his inconsistencies and my fear of his injury history taking over, so a league mate picked him up and dropped him right before he caught fire. I will not be making that mistake of dropping him again. Dude has been playing great basketball lately... hopefully when Brogdon comes back he can continue.
  12. It so sad that Gordon never lived up to his potential. Even with Isaac out he isn't doing much (granted he's been a bit injured) but I just don't see him improving much on his current stats.
  13. Im pretty confident that Detroit will trade him before the deadline. If they don't they risk getting nothing in return just like Charlotte did last season. Once Drummond is traded I think we start to see a few more FG his way and a big uptick in rebounds. They have all the incentive in the world to play this kid hopefully Casey doesn't ruin it. Although he has shown he's committed to the kid early on, hopefully that sticks.
  14. Welp I got my wish and was able to pick up Sekou while keeping Damion Lee... Thanks Embiid -____- LETS GO GIANNIS JR!!!