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  1. Don't get me wrong guys but they wont hold Hunt and Chubb more than this season.
  2. So Duke Johnson got traded.. I thought that the Browns claimed him because they wanted to bait someone into a trade. At this point I'm starting to think that they want to keep him and build a two punch headed RB monster?!?! Don't get me wrong but I can't imagine it. Kareem Hunt is clearly the best RB on this rooster. On the other hand Nick Chubb ist talented aswell... I'm kinda confused at this moment..
  3. I know.. I know.. if there wasn't the health issue.. but without it, he could be great!
  4. Hey guys! I searched for a Jordan Reed Outlook Thread 2019 but I couldnt find one. So here we are! Where are we buying him? What are your thoughts on him - esp. with Dwayne Haskins? I guess there is noone where Haskins could throw too.. I wouldnt wounder if Reed would finish Top 3 in TE.
  5. Hey guys, I know I know Cam Newton is the face of the franchise but what do you think about Will Grier in deeper dynasty leagues especially if (this is a big IF) Cams shoulder will get hurt again? I'm pretty excited about the fact that Carolina drafted him in round 3..
  6. I really love it if something happen like this :))
  7. I'm playing on NFL.com.. It's impossible to slot him in TE
  8. Real talk guys! What do you think about the potential outcome of Samuel? I mean Samuel isn't Conner or Bell.. Otherwise the matchup against Oakland is good..
  9. Guys chill.. he doesn't even join this team.. stop talking about playing against the jax lol
  10. I need help with a trade. I'm really needy at QB. I have Alex Smith an no one is in the waiver really NO ONE! A guy offers me Antonio Brown and Matt Ryan for Zeke and Raheem Mostert. Should I pull the trigger? My other RB's are Conner, Mixon, AP, Drake. My Reciever are M. Thomas, A. Robinson, Davis, Jordy Nelson and M Williams.