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  1. Exactly ! Right now as a Swift owner I do not know if I have a league winner or a spotty flex filler ? I would kick myself if try and sell high and this guy becomes a top 5 back after the bye. He has the perfect skill set for being PPR gold ! Wait a few weeks
  2. I cannot imagine being a safety in the open field and having a 250lb dude running at me approaching speeds of 22 mph. You know it is going to hurt bad... no matter how you try and bring that down.
  3. He is stashed in my IR slot... I have zero reason to believe he comes back before week 10. At this point the Eagles are a walking infirmary and it makes no sense to rush him back.
  4. When Henry lined up at QB on that last play I felt like i was watching my madden games from 2003. I would create a 6ft3 -240-260 LB running back with 100 strength and 100 speed... It somehow came alive !
  5. I came back... I started 0-5... on the last week of the regular season I needed help to get into the playoffs. Limped into the playoffs and ended up finishing second that year. Our league allows 70 moves a year and i used every single one of them that year. It is possible.
  6. WTF... set my alarm for 3am like I do every waiver Thursday so i can be the first to grab whatever valuable free agents are left once the run goes thru... refresh my phone 315, 330, 345, 415, 430 ( just get up at this point) go log onto my actual PC.... waiver will not run until tomorrow morning.
  7. Reasons I drafted him 1) He is massive and much less likely to suffer an injury. Not many 6ft3 or 4... 240 lb backs. 2) He is money on the goal line. Nothing frustrates me more than having my back get to the 5 yard line and watching a jet sweep or play action because their team knows they cant plow through. 3) Tannehill... teams sell out to stop Henry and he has come through and burnt them for the last two years. 4) Some games he will absolutely destroy the defense and be able to run at will against them. I watched this last year at the end of the year. Defenders were shying away from contact and he was having massive games at the end of the year. I drafted the guy knowing some teams would completely load the box and get some low yardage games. The fact the Tannehill made Buffalo pay is positive for Henry owners. Teams cannot load up the box and expect to win a game.
  8. Not going to lie... wanted Clyde in the worst way. I listened to Andy Reid give nothing but praise all off season for the kid but after the first game I looked deeper into him. He is 5ft7 207 lbs.... he ran a 4.6 40. First, I did not realize he was this small.. and second for being so small he is not exactly a burner. He has a very difficult time at the goal line which hurts him. If i had Clyde at this point i would pray that they get him more involved in the passing game.
  9. I always look at the points for... as an indication if i can turn the season around. I started 0-5 once and ended up making it to the championship game... I was number 2 in points for while going 0-5. In my high stakes league this year i am second to last in points for.... and I am currently 4-0... Unless I my team turns it around and i make some significant waiver moves I will eventually run out of luck. If your points for are high your luck should turn around at some point.
  10. Not saying i am in favor of it but I know one commissioner in a league i do not belong is using Madden. Sim the game and see what the players Stats are then input the points.
  11. I went Henry in all of my drafts....It is what it is at this point. I honestly am just grateful we have some fantasy season and am viewing this year as one massive challenge.
  12. Ridley was banged up and had a pretty good corner on him. Julio out Ridley may get 15 targets... after a dud. I would sit Fuller.
  13. The league i run lets other owners vote to veto a trade. That would not be a bad idea if this keeps happening. It sounds like collusion to me !
  14. I would not make that trade. As a rule, i avoid trading for injured players... I have had it bite me. The injury ends up being more severe than expected and you never get to use the player... the injury lingers and he is a shell of himself or he comes back strong only to hurt it again.