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  1. Out of boredom I have done way more fantasy pro's mock draft simulations. I have gone RB, RB, QB, RB and still managed to get pretty decent WR's in my next 3 picks. I think this year RB's are tool valuable to pass on. I screwed around with taking WR first and realized i couldn't afford to pass on the RB talent in the early rounds.
  2. Is there anyone concerned for 2020 ? I always secure Kupp and at the end of the year it was the most frustrating thing i ever watched. I saw him used as a blocker more than a pass catcher down the stretch.
  3. In regards to the front line health care workers. I have been seeing reports that the amount of virus your initially inhale or ingest makes a difference. If you are a young/healthy doctor or nurse and you have been inhaling the viral particles all day it essentially sets your immune system up for failure. You will have a much larger viral load to start and the immune system may not keep up. The same goes for people who may be mildly ill taking themselves to the hospital. You might have a small viral load but once you enter the hot zone and begin breathing more of the virus in your adding to that load.
  4. I am not very optimistic they just cancelled the British open. Unless there is a vaccine developed and produced some time soon I cannot see teams starting practice and pre-season over the summer. I did a mock draft last night and it was an adrenalin rush. When this ends i think people will have a new found appreciation for the life.
  5. I keep hearing people saying ahhhh…. this is under control and wonder what they are watching ? The mortality rate may be 1.8 or 2... or whatever... right now. Once the ER's get over run, nurses, doctors, and PA's start getting sick, ventilators start running out, meds start running out... you are looking at complete catastrophe. What about other emergencies... god forbid you suffer a stroke, heart attack, appendicitis... during the peak of this. I have watched the cases in my state go from 10 new ones a day... to 20... to 40...80... 160... 250... 500.... and that is in a week. Next week we are talking 1000.... 2000.. 5000... If this is not contained I do not even want to fathom 2 weeks from now.
  6. Bills, Titans, Saints, Eagles. The eagles came is a complete toss up but for the last 3 years this team seems to shock everyone.
  7. This is the most i have ever retained and should have kept more. I went Chubb, Hill, Kerryon ( horrible pick), Carson, Cooper Kupp, DJ Moore, Austin Hooper, Christian Kirk, Jameis Winston, Trubisky, Myles Jack, Michael Gallup, Zach Cunninham, Everson Griffen, Buffalo Defense, Singletary, Jessie bates and mason Crosby. I dropped DJ Moore, C Kirk, Gallup, and Singletary during the year...... Looking back i regret those choices but still made it to the big game. Kerryon was a complete garbage pick in the 3rd round. I also picked up Walller before the season started and worked a trade for Guice..... and Guice immediately got injured. In the end I had Chubb, Hill, Carson, Kupp, Hooper, Winston left.... so 6 of my original draft picks
  8. This guy COULD have been the fantasy MVP. I am not joking when i say I have watched him in the redzone about 20 times this year gets absolutely stuffed on the goal line. It was all year numerous times the Browns gave him the ball on 1,2 and 3rd, from the 1 yard line and i watched him get eaten up. He could have easily had another 7-8 touchdowns. I do not trust Freddie Kitchens with this kid at all. Even if Kareem Hunt leaves... Freddie will deal out the pass catching duties and about 20 percent ( or more) of Chubb's snaps. The surest way for the Browns to turn their franchise around is with Chubb.... build a solid o-line and run this guy. Instead Freddie seems hell bent on keeping Mayfield and Odell involved in this offense.
  9. Famous Jameis, Tyreek Hill, T Mclaurin, C Carson, N Chubb, A Hooper, Seattle D.....M Prater..... at least my IDP players showed up RIP 2019 (2nd Place)
  10. I agree with Lamar ! I do have to give a shout out to a guy I picked up in the very last round of my draft. Jameis Winston..... If he puts up 35 plus points and goes for 450 yards in Championship week he was worth his weight in gold for me and anyone else that rode this runaway train and my vote for playoff MVP.
  11. Start Chubb !!!! One thing i learned is getting cute and screwing up in the championship week is a bitter pill to swallow.
  12. If you are currently sitting in the championship game with Chubb as one of your RB's it would be insane to suddenly put the guy on the bench. You have one of the elite RB's in the NFL....
  13. YEP I saw the same exact play !!!! It seemed like whatever side of the field Kupp was on Goff wasn't even looking that way.
  14. I may be biased when I watch the Rams games.... but it actually looks like they are making an effort to avoid passing to the guy ? I see him running around.. going in motion and Goff not even looking his way. Thank god he got involved in the last 5 minutes of the game or it would have been a complete waste of a roster spot.
  15. 1. Trust my picks. In hind sight I drafted insanely well. I started 0-3 and started to panic. Dropped DJ Moore, Gallup and traded Waller..... My path to the championship would have been much easier had I not panicked ! 2. Like others have said watch out and adjust accordingly for great players on horrible teams or with bad schemes.