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  1. If you feel strongl about Gordon, go for it. I like Agholor though, with jeffery out.
  2. I would probably start Hilton week one over freeman, if its still by committee.
  3. I would look to add depth at WR. You don't really have a WR flex option Mike Williams has a chance to be good, but I would be concerned about WR depth.
  4. that's tough... I would if you can pick up conner as well. If not, stay put.
  5. I have the first pick in a 14 team full ppr draft and I am having trouble deciding between Gurley, Bell, and Zeke. Who do you go with and why?
  6. Barkley and Thomas. Barkleys volume will close the gap between him and bell and I think Thomas is much better tha
  7. Im in a 16 team dynasty league. I have Guice and someone is looking to give me C Davis and either R Freeman oe Rojo for him. Thoughts? My team is as follows: QB : Newton, Ryan RB: Kamara, Guice, Montegomery, Ballage, Walton, Rawls WR: Baldwin, D Thomas, Crowder, Z Jones, Chark, Darboh, Scott TE: Graham, ASJ, Goedert Should I make the trade and if so which RB
  8. Agreed, If you do make a trade, I would look to move hunt and McCaffery because of how high there draft stock currently is.
  9. 1) Barkley 2) Guice 3) Michel 4) Penny 5) Jones
  10. I am drafting fourth in my first dynasty league this year with the below set-up: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1Flex 1SuperFlex I assume OBJ, Hopkins and Gurley will be gone. Brown and Bell are getting older so not sure about them. Im a die hard giants fan so taking zeke would be tough. Should I consider saquon and Kamara? Let me know.
  11. half point PPR and I now have the fourth pick. I assumed OBJ, Gurley and Hopkins will be off the board. Where do I go from there. Bell and Brown are getting old and Im a giants fan so I will struggle to have zeke. Can I go Saquon?