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  1. 2 spots left. We will be drafting tonight @ 8pm EST
  2. Need 3 more players. Will draft when the league is filled. Join via link or email me: Link:
  3. Click Here:
  4. Standard Settings. Will draft the day after league is filled. Click Here:
  5. 5th year Renewed. - 0.5 PPR - Standard FLEX rosters - Standard waiver settings (continually rolling) - 3 Divisions - Division winners awarded top 3 playoff seeds, last 3 playoff spots given to remaining best records NOTE: Trades are commish Approve instead of League veto. This is because 1. No trades should be vetoed unless suspicion of collusion and 2. This way trades are processed much quicker and u can have your players the same day or day after the trade is made. Obviously if there are any lopsided/eyebrow raising trades made I, or anyone will bring up the issue in league chat/message board and we as a league will decide what to do next. This is rarely ever an issue and if it occurs, teams involved will be replaced asap. Looking for a manager who is COMPETITIVE & is interested not just this year but years to come. Any questions feel free to ask. If interested in joining reply with your email and an invitation will be sent. Thanks!
  6. Looking for 2 new members. Live draft will be on the 31st (Saturday) @ 7pm EST * 5th Year renewed * 0.5 PPR * Standard FLEX rosters * 3 divisions * Top3 playoff seeds awarded to Division winners, remaining 3 playoff spots given to remaining best records * Standard waiver settings (continual rolling) Looking for active/committed members for this year & moving forward NOTE: Trades are commish approved instead of team vote bc 1. No trade should be vetoed unless there is suspected collision. And 2. This way you can have your players the same day you trade them instead of waiting 2 days for the transaction. IF there is a trade made that you feel is suspicious, DM me through the league chat & we as a league will decide what to do. Although this is something we almost never have to deal with. If you're interested but have any other questions let me know. If you'd like to join just reply with your email & an invite will be sent. Thanks!
  7. @shakestreet yes, sorry. If you'd you like you can still email me and i will contact you if a spot ever opens up in the future. Thanks.
  8. This league has been filled. Thank you And as for as your reply, Im glad you expressed your disinterest in a league looking for interested participants. Let the world know how important you are, I will take the post bump as a consolation prize
  9. Settings: 12 Team H2H -3 Divisions -1/2 PPR -Standard FLEX Roster -Free League Playoffs: Top 3 seeds awarded to Division Winners. Top 2 seeds earn 1st round BYE. Last 3 Wild Card spots given to reamining best records. Waivers: Weekly rolling list based on standings. (Standard waiver rules except it resets every week, #1 seed will have last priority, #12 seed will have 1st priority, etc.. ) Team: Team record: 2-2 QB: Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr WR: Brandin Cooks, Golden Tate, Marqise Lee, Kendall Wright RB: Le'Veon Bell, Mike Gillislee, Jamaal Charles, Thomas Rawls TE: Martellus Bennett K: Ryan Succop DEF: TB If you are an active & competitive manager looking for an active & competive league to be a part of for this season and beyond, and are interested in taking over this team, let me know. For the 4th year straight this has been far & away the best league I've ever participated in and the fellow managers are friendly & welcoming. All we ask is for your commitment. Not looking for a 1 year rental. Email me at Thanks in advance