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  1. If you haven't traded him yet, why not wait. I just traded for him and I'm excited to fire him up. He didn't have a good first week when he got injured, but again there was a shortened training camp without preseason games. Unless you are really desperate and are looking on the outside in of the ff playoffs, I wouldn't trade him.
  2. I'm going to take a L this week, but I'm in second place at 4-3. For this week, it isn't looking good I have Lamb and I'll have to play the waiver wire for fill ins
  3. I'm going to assume it may take a week or two for his return
  4. Ppr Just traded Arob and fournette for Michael Thomas. I probably reached but I'm good at rb with Henry band Robinson. My Wrs are Godwin, Antonio Brown, Mclaurin, Lamb, and now Thomas.
  5. I like the 4th option, but the unknown scares me. High ankle sprains are definitely a long term injury (Mccaffrey). Also not sure what is going on behind the scenes in NO. Seems like a strange scenario, but I would maybe take the chance.
  6. I agree with everyone on option B. Not too high on option A
  7. Would it be crazy to consider with how terrible Zeke and the entire Allas Cowboys (no D obviously) lol, to trade James Robinson for Zeke? I'm curious on everyone's takes. Will definitely help anyone in return.
  8. Maybe or maybe not.... Glennon may rely on the check down as well. It's honestly hard to tell.
  9. I think AB might take more away from Evans then godwin. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  10. Might have to start both godwin and Brown
  11. Definitely on a short leash. Considering how Arians was down on rojo....I drafted Fournette late in the sixth round. I'm happy that Rojo is producing at a high level, but I might have to cut bait after this week.
  12. I will drop him immediately after he is considered active/healthy with a minimal role (5 touches or less).