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  1. That pick wasn't his fault. Should of been caught.
  2. I hope he plays. The Titans need him in the biggest way. Their playoff hopes depend on it. Thinking that he has to play.
  3. Sf- against Atlanta but alot of injuries Pitt- against buffalo
  4. Sf- better matchup but full of injuries Pitt- healthy but playing buffalo
  5. Hurt. There isn't a loaded box and the play action would be alot less effective.
  6. Channeling my inner Jameis Winston, and "Eating W's!"
  7. Then I guess tyreek hill can be in the same discussion. Hill has been very boom or bust. He still has a high floor but there are games that he doesn't have that WOW factor like last year.
  8. I like Washington for the upside. Snell for rb
  9. Winston Sanders and Jones Adams and hopkins Flex-penny