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  1. Roster in my signature. Need to win this and next week make the playoffs. I can't see myself starting Gallup with Thomas, Chark, Lockett, Metcalf on my roster. And at the moment I'm starting Hollister over Fant. But I have Buffalo D/ST and they are in Dallas next week. And our trade deadline just passed so it's all wire improvements now. Options: - GB D/ST @ NYG - Carolina D/ST vs. WSH - Philadephia D/ST @ MIA I'm leaning Gallup, as crazy as it sounds (he's a 12th round keeper, Fant is a 10th rounder). Thankfully my opponent don't need WRs this week so if anything he'd just get scooped onto someone's bench.
  2. That's tough. Probably Deebo. Still a run-first offense there and Sanders should get healthier.
  3. I really need a defense for week 13 to get into the playoffs, and I'm torn between Philly @ MIA, GB @ NYG, or Carolina vs. WASH
  4. Yea, I get that. We were allowed to trade draft picks until a couple years ago when an "unfair" trade of Aaron Rodgers for a third round pick that led a team to a title made everyone revolt.
  5. Yes, I'm torn between giving up arguably the most valuable player in fantasy football at 7th round value for two years and trying to make a run this year, versus keeping him and hoping my roster as is can hold up ...
  6. I think he'd swap Michel (2nd round) for Sanders (5th round) given that Sanders has better keeper value, so: Before: QB Lamar RB 1 Chubb RB 2 Duke/Kenyan WR1 Lockett WR 2 Chark FLEX Metcalf/Gallup/Duke/Kenyan/E. Sanders After: QB Mahomes/Jimmy G RB1 Chubb RB2 RoJo/Michel WR1 Thomas WR 2 Lockett FLEX Chark/Gallup/RoJo/Michel/Duke/E. Sanders
  7. Most likely Mack, who I have on IR and drafted 5th round. In terms of the guys he's giving me, Sanders is a 5th round keeper, RoJo is a 10th rounder.
  8. I never said it was fair. The other owner is throwing in the towel for a keeper he wants. Also, this is not a dynasty or full-blown keeper league. You can keep one player for up to two years. That's it.
  9. Yes, I think it's fine to do this. I message guys in our league all the time about stuff like this. Most of them just think I'm obsessive (guilty as charged).
  10. Keepers in our league are very, very highly valued. Just how it is. Lamar in the 7th is one of the best options in the league. By comparison, Mahomes went in the 3rd round. Lamar would go top 24 next year.
  11. Any WRs on the wire you could add to give yourself some depth?
  12. .5 PPR league. Roster in my signature. I give Lamar Jackson, DK Metcalf, Kenyan Drake, Raheem Mostert I get Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy G, Michael Thomas, and two of the following three: Ronald Jones/Miles Sanders/Sony Michel The catches Mahomes is on bye so I'd need to start Jimmy G this week. I need to win out to make the playoffs and I'm playing the first place team this week. And perhaps most importantly, I drafted Lamar in the 7th round and could keep him in that round for the next two years ... or my trading partner could. Thoughts?
  13. I dropped him. Really don't see him being added given the recent performances and bye week ahead.
  14. Hollister, in case he was dropped on the bye week.