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  1. I actually do think Cousins could be a sneaky start given the noise that his WRs are making. But Cousins has been so bad. I'd still go Rodgers, but if you're feeling frisky, Cousins would be an interesting gamble.
  2. Depends on the size of the league, but given who's available, I'm assuming it's fairly shallow. Deebo is probably the only one worth owning right now. Maybe Beasley too if PPR. I personally haven't quite given up on Pettis yet, but I wouldn't roster him over anyone else who you know will be a significant contributor.
  3. I'd drop Fuller for Sutton. With Stills in the mix, Fuller hasn't had the boom weeks we saw in the past. Sutton, meanwhile, is emerging as the top target on his team. There are also rumors that Sanders could get traded before the deadline, which would make Sutton the clear #1 for the team. I'd take my chance on that. As long as Hopkins is healthy, there's no path for Fuller to become the #1 for his team.
  4. I'm not so sure. Ekeler was already very much involved in the passing game, and Allen was still getting a huge target share. I don't see Gordon getting much more passing game work than Ekeler was getting.
  5. No way, unless you're absolutley stacked at WR. There's little reason to expect Allen's targets to drop, especially with all of the other WRs around him dealing with injuries. Meanwhile, the passing game situation in MIN is horrific! I wouldn't be trying to trade into that. Sure, it could be a squeaky wheel situation, but the offensive scheme that MIN runs is built around the run game. I'd stay clear of that passing game, personally, unless you're paying close to nothing. General trading tip: the side that gets the best player overall is usually the winner. I would actually try pairing two lesser players and trade up for a TE that way rather than trading down from Allen to two lesser players.
  6. You could also consider taking a flyer on Javon Wims if he's on waivers. With Taylor Gabriel out, he should play a pretty much every down role.
  7. I think I'd take my chances with JuJu in this one. I personally tend to avoid the NE backfield in general, but this feels more like a Michel game than a White game (but really, who knows). Rudolph has been talking about wanting to get JuJu more involved - I know players/coaches say stuff like that all the time with varying levels of truth, but JuJu's upside is much higher than White's, so I'd roll with JuJu. Help with mine?
  8. I like Eifert/Thomas more. DAL linebackers are the strength of that defense so I'm not so sure Graham is even much of an upgrade over Eifert (playing the softest defense against TEs) this week. Then it becomes would you rather play Thomas or Robinson...and that's not even really a question. Thomas all day. Help with mine?
  9. If T.Y. is healthy enough to play, he's a definite. I think I go Sutton for your #2. Denver is more likely to be playing from behind than MIN which means more likely a better game script for Sutton than for Diggs. Cousins has also looked awful, so as much as it hurts to sit the likes of Diggs and JuJu, I think that's what I'd do this week. Help with mine?
  10. I've got Kupp, Tyreek, and JuJu as my main starters (when Tyreek returns, obviously) with Sterling Shepard as a flex option and Auden Tate as a depth piece and AJ Green in my IR. I've managed to pull off some nice trades up to get Zeke and Mixon. Would be pretty nice to add Saquon to my squad...I think I'm pretty much talking myself into it. Haha!
  11. Grab KeeSean. Kirk was just ruled out earlier today, so KeeSean should have a larger role than usual. I'd rather take a flyer on him than the other guys on your roster given their matchups/situations this week.
  12. This is super tough. Either way it's a total shot in the dark. If PIT decides to open things up a little more this week (Rudolph has been talking about getting JuJu more involved), Samuels might not be as involved. My guess, though, is that they stick to a similar plan to last week given that it worked well enough to pull out the win. On the other hand, Washington will, without a doubt, be playing from behind all game, which means it should be the Thompson show in that backfield. Just based on the potential volume, I think I lean Thompson. Given how well NE shuts down receivers, it could very well be that the offense runs through Thompson this week. Again, total shot in the dark either way. I guess I go Thompson. Help with mine?
  13. Any chance Auden Tate or maybe even KeeSean Johnson are on waivers? I'd probably take a chance on either of those two over any of the guys you've listed. I play in a 16-team league as well and managed to scoop Tate up - KeeSean is still on waivers. If not, I guess I'd go Brown. Help with mine?
  14. 16 team, full PPR - QBs are sparse as hell as many teams roster two QBs (I'm not one of them). Should I trade my Dak, Mixon, and AJ Green for their Saquon and Goff? Dak had some pretty cushy matchups to start the season, so I'm curious how you all feel about Dak's ROS outlook compared to Goff's. I've got Zeke, so it's hard to resist the thought of having both Zeke and Saquon on my roster.
  15. I don't think it's that cut and dry. We have no idea whether Bell is just going to pick up where he left off. Conner has earned a role going forward, Bell might not be in game shape when he gets back, they might not even play Bell in week 8 to preserve his health with the hopes of a trade before the deadline, and I'm sure there are plenty of other factors I'm not even aware of. We pretty much know what we have with Michel, and his role is more likely to increase than it is to decrease. Play it safe and keep Michel. If anything, you might try to trade Conner to him and get something more stable in return. Otherwise, sit tight and hope that either Bell gets traded or Conner retains enough work alongside Bell to serve as an RB2.
  16. Wait...are we talking about for this week or ROS?
  17. This is tough. I think it really depends on your WRs, but assuming this is an upgrade for you, I would go for it. As other have mentioned, Edelman is back, Gordon is coming on gradually, and Michel's role is likely to grow as he gains more experience, all of which could eat into White's opportunities. Kupp's role is pretty secure in the league's best offense - and he gets frequent red-zone looks in that offense. Yes, please. Thanks for helping with mine!
  18. Given that you're 3-2, I wouldn't do this. You can't really afford to lose major contributors for a piece that won't contribute anything immediately - it puts you in a bad position to make the playoffs. I might be on board if you were 5-0 or 4-1, but you still need the immediate wins to guarantee a playoff spot. Help with mine?
  19. Watkins, Keke, Anderson, Gabriel I'm not sure how or why so many people are down on Watkins. He's receiving passes from the hottest QB in the league right now, on a team with a weak defense which means frequent shoot-outs, and has shown a fair amount of consistency since week 1 (of course, ignoring the one game when he was injured). Keke is the third option on an average offense - though he does serve a unique role in that offense so he will hopefully be able to maintain some amount of consistency. Anderson has had only a couple good performances so far this year. Enunwa's injury doesn't seem serious so I'm not expecting that to be a big factor for Anderson, but maybe Darnold has earned a little more trust from the coaching staff and they'll let him start slinging it. I'd be willing to take a flyer on him. Gabriel had literally one good game, so I'm not sure how anyone is putting him above the other guys here. He plays on a bad offense with a struggling QB. If you want to take a shot with him, go for it. Maybe the Bears have actually turned a corner...but I'm not getting my hopes up. Help with mine?
  20. This is a great problem to have, but I have to go Mahomes. He just man-handled the best defense in the league. I also think the Patriots have more of a tendency to score rushing TDs than the Chiefs (though, admittedly that's not based on any actual data; just my perception). Help with mine?
  21. I'm in agreement. Do it. You'll fix your biggest weakness without taking a major hit to your starting roster. Help with mine?
  22. You should find another owner like yourself who thinks Lockett is here to stay and sell high. I agree with others that Baldwin's return to form is imminent. Even a not-fully-healthy Baldwin is going to take the lion's share of work from Lockett. That said, I think you should try to get more for Lockett than Cook. You might even consider packaging Lockett and someone else for a bigger upgrade.
  23. I think you stay put. If I were you, I'd try to package a couple of my players for an upgrade at WR, like Michel and Woods for a higher end WR1.