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  1. Gasol is pretty dirty in the right lineup. A punt fg% team would really be helped by what Gasol brings to the table. Overall he wasn't very good but he got better as the season went along. I don't think he will be on many waivers in a week or so.
  2. I expect that fg% and assist total to jump up on Jan 29 when dipo returns.
  3. That wouldn't be a terrible idea. Bjelica has been in a "when someone comes back hes gonns lose his value" situation for the whole season but they can't seem to get bagley and Holmes healthy together. Not saying that won't happen in a few weeks but you should continue to get great production from bjelica for at least 3 more weeks, while Teague has already fallen off and will continue to with culver around on a losing team. Not to mention Teagues next near inevitable injury.
  4. Drummond is perfect for the Knicks. He fits horribly next to Randle, clogs the floor so no one can get to the rack without a help defender easily getting there. He doesn't contribute to winning. He is not the most likeable guy out there. He doesn't attract stars to join NY and his game isn't versatile enough to utilize if various ways. He is already fully developed and getting older so his production will plateau. Drummond fans are rare. He will force any other bigs who can't play next to him to leave the Knicks. My guess would be that guy would end up a stud as soon as he leaves for that reason. I can go on and on... Worst of all, Knicks fans will continue to buy tickets and sell out every game so owners won't care anyway. They will just count their absurd money. Drummond is a true 1995 stud that fits perfectly with living in the past too stubborn to adapt Knicks. I think's it's a near guarantee Drummond goes to NY. It's so bad, it must be true! Ex - Knicks fan
  5. Hes very likely going to continue to start as from what I remember, when bagley returned, the kings were saying they were going to play them together. Holmes is way too good to not play, and if you expect much less than what he did before, I think you're mistaken. He's a buy low if you can hold him. I expect early round value for 6+ weeks if you include playoffs with an even higher ceiling. A 2 to 3 week injury is nothing, assuming there's no set backs. I think people are trying to scare others into dropping him here or something.
  6. Collison would do the Lakers a lot of good. I think they're looking for a solid consistent lineup. You can't just play tons of guys 18 mins a game even if they produce, because it prevents team chemistry from building as much as it can and hurts you in playoffs. That's why as much as everyone was saying, Torrey Craig, porter, Beasley are going to take away minutes from Barton and Harris, they were wrong. You need a core to win in playoffs. Look at Raptors pre kawhi... they always had a great record but could never win in playoffs because their core starters were not good enough. Depth doesnt win championships, it just helps. My point being, the Lakers would be much better off pushing Collison into a 30+ min role beside lebron kuzma ad dwight. Collison didn't "retire" because he lost his game, he just thought he would prefer a non NBA life. Collison is a way better fit than rondo or Caruso and can hit 3s pass, I believe hes a good defender although I'm not sure, low turnovers and good court IQ. Rondo was a candidate to be lebrons on court load manager but rondo just isnt good enough to start on a top 2 team anymore. Collison could be that guy instead. I'd consider collison a near must add if he ends up in LA, although I wouldn't stash him unless it's for like a game or two.
  7. Duncan. McLemore will probably be a free agent in most leagues once Gordon comes back
  8. I think he means it could be tomorrow or a month from now. Just waiting to be sure hes good to go.
  9. Randles not very good man. He might do better under the new coach but you should wait to see if his production increases now before trying to trade him. Even if he takes huge step forward hes nowhere near worth issac or adebayo, so good luck with that. Points leagues he may end up more valuable than issac but depends on point structure.
  10. Knicks front office is clearly the worst in the NBA. They may have tried before to win preseason, like you said, but I don't think they're stupid enough to think a new coach will help them win. I think they will try to win, but not by playing veterans, but by getting the most of they can out of rob DSJ and maybe ntilika. You may be right though, the Knicks are pretty stupid so I wouldn't put anything past them. I used to be a Knicks fan but quit on them due to their horrific ownership, poor coaching and useless fans who support their every terrible decision by continually buying tickets making them more profitable than any team.
  11. All these people saying the Knicks are trying to win now are dead wrong. Are you joking? You think they fired fizdale because he wasn't winning enough lmao? They fired him for not putting out a lineup that is condusive for the Knicks future and playing guys like marcus Morris and taj Gibson. Completely useless moves for the franchise that were desperation plays to try and get wins to not get him fired. Fizdale was looking out for fizdale and not the Knicks future, and he deservedly got canned. Obvioualy I can be wrong but expect less to nothing from Marcus Morris and taj, while Mitchell Robinson playing until he gets 6 fouls. Same situation as marvin bagley last year with bjelica. They told him either play bagley or get fired, and they finally played bagley and bagley became a great fantasy asset minus injury. Been saying buy low for weeks now. Buy. Low. Now.
  12. No I always stay away from joker. I'm trying to buy very low on him in a few leagues.
  13. I think that's just your team. You assume standard size when posting anyway.