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  1. Taking a gamble on him just because wood isn't free anymore... Hoping for 20-25 minutes
  2. Taking a gamble on him over zero upside IT-type of players....
  3. Back to back DDs... This guy is for real.
  4. Even in limited minutes, playing alongside Westbrook and Harden gives him a nice deep league appeal. Double doubled tonight in just 18 minutes, coming off a strong performance with Capela out. I think he clinched a rotation spot ROS. Highly interesting dinasty stash...
  5. Not saying he's going to be better than him... Just to keep an eye on. It's all about minutes and looks like Brooks is unleashing him straight away. Rebounds streamer worst case scenario.
  6. Mahinmi can't play big minutes. Wagner is hurt...
  7. 23 years old big man with basically no competition at the C spot, until Bryant comes back. 9-8-1 tonight in 27 minutes tonight in his first game as a wizard. Worth a look at least...
  8. Atrocious again. Time to move on for those who somehow survived....